Comcast runs MSNBC to ward off attacks by progressive politicians?

So says National Center for Public Policy Research:

Comcast CEO Declines to Deny it Runs MSNBC Not for Ratings and Profits, But to Open Doors for Comcast With Liberal Elected Officials

This Explains Why Comcast Accepts Dismal MSNBC Ratings and Gears Programming Toward Only 24% of the Population

Washington, D.C. – At today’s annual meeting of Comcast shareholders, Comcast executives dodged questions from the National Center for Public Research regarding the company’s bizarre business model for MSNBC, which caters to liberals, 24% of the U.S. population, while demonizing conservatives, 37% of the population.

But the executives’ most revealing moment may be in what they declined to say: They declined to deny that Comcast really runs MSNBC to keep the corporation in the good graces of liberal elected officials.


Reality check: Well, a profit motive wouldn’t make sense for Comcast because the competition in this field is far left and way proud, with no one even wondering why. So  funding MSNBC can be a way of signalling that elected officials’ demands for favourable publicity for progressive causes will be met.

Otherwise, Comcast’s whole mass media and cable business is looking as vulnerable as a lone filmmaker maybe… .

Later on, those elected officials may want big shakedown more directly. Paying talking heads to spout progressivism is probably cheap at the price.

This revelation tracks the trend for legacy media to simply be PR for progressive government. What’s new is being so honest about it

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Is there a future for serious journalism – except at panel discussions?

  • So the Media Political Complex is real;)

    • It’s possible that the entire armada is sinking. We’ll see. The fact that they were even HAVING that conversation …

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I worked for a company that made stuff for Comcast.
    When we had their engineers in for product testing they were all lefties.
    I concluded it’s the culture of their company through and through.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The government does have to run at a profit. And MSNBC is in a practical sense, an unelected 4th branch of the government