Transgenderism as shakedown

From Daniel Moody at MercatorNet:

Consider too the glaring mismatch between New York City and Britain. In New York City we can now be fined $125,000 for ‘mis-pronouning’ somebody. The British government, though, intends to scrub gender markers from passports and other documents. Is gender identity something so sacred that a wrong word can cost us our livelihood? Or is it something of so little importance that it does not even deserve a place on a job application form?

John shed blood in the belief that surgery was necessary in order to have the gender marker on his passport changed from an M to an F, yet he is now being told his next passport will be genderless. The question begging to be asked is this: given that our new gender identity will not feature on our new ID, why on earth would anybody transition, be it socially or medically?

Furthermore, what is the end result of permitting each of us to choose to have any legal identity? By bearing in mind the fact that everything-ness and nothing-ness are two sides of one coin, we can see that if everybody can be anybody then everybody has the same legal identity as everybody else—everybody’s legal identity is ‘any identity’. Come to think of it, this would explain the blank passports and the gender-neutral restrooms. Too much freedom turns out to be the same as no freedom at all.

Reality check: Only one thought to offer: Underproductive Western populations may be easier to fine than tax. Expect more fines for not doing whatever government wants.

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  • dance…dancetotheradio

    No, the Carolla theory says that productive citizens are targets for fines and unproductive citizens are ignored because they cost more time and money.
    A traffic cop is more interested in getting that speeding fine from someone with the means to pay it then he is in enforcing laws like littering and public urination that the state will never be able to collect.

    • That’s why restorative justice is needed.

      Did a guy pee on the side of a building? Let him clean it up.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Carolla says the illegal immigrants sell flowers and produce on the freeways of Los Angeles and throw all their crap on the side of the road and the police do nothing.
        But, if you are a middle class driver there rolling through a stop sign you’re going to get nailed.

  • mauser 98

    …BS article
    strip you of your sex , country , heritage and you are putty for the State
    all about control

    trans BS is child abuse

    • Linda1000

      Mmmmh, maybe ask this guy … only in New York city. He’s a model for period underwear. Weird Thinx Ads.

      • mauser 98

        ??!!! i’m out here!!

        • Linda1000

          Lol, missed your reply. Apparently, humans are already crazy -stupid so don’t try to “gender bend” deer also. You have to still post your funny pictures on this blog.

    • BillyHW

      There’s a lot of butch game wardens.