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  • ontario john

    National Post is reporting this morning, the Office of Religious Freedom will be changed into a new office that will concentrate on whiny indian issues around the world. After all, Trudeau has stated that helping Christians is disgusting. It will also please his muslim buddies.

    • Justin doesn’t speak for Indians, and Indians will soon find that out. Muslims will too. When the hammer falls on the Left they’ll wish they hadn’t played these people like pawns.

  • BillyHW

    Amazon is a fucking tool.

    • Daviddowntown

      Yes it would seem so. It’s unfortunate as they are a gold mine for any book you want. I will miss that resource.

      • Justin St.Denis

        One can usually buy direct from publishers these days. I discovered this because so much of what I wish to read falls under the “sells less than 1000 copies worldwide”. Over the years, my wife has become the CHAMPION at locating/purchasing stuff for me to read. I’ve said it before – I struck gold the day I met her! 🙂

  • I have always despised voters who based their preference on a single personal issue rather than considering what was best for the country as a whole, so it is with great chagrin that I must confess that for me this presidential election boils down to a single personal issue, yet it’s also one that will affect the future and perhaps very existence of the US: gun control.

    Hillary has signaled too many times that she supports gun control and has hinted that confiscation might be an option; she’s also made it clear that she’ll use executive actions so Congress won’t be an obstacle to imposing her decrees. If she strips us of our only means of resisting tyranny, we will become slaves of an oppressive government. Even if Hillary is a benevolent dictator, (a premise I do not believe) at some point a President will subjugate the citizens of the US – and we will be helpless. The average citizen’s right to defend ourselves against criminals, foreign invaders, and oppressive government is a founding principle of the US. If we lose it, we are lost forever.

    If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Trump, at least vote against Hillary. The future will thank you.

  • Linda1000

    Well, look at our “Conservative” reps in Ottawa who intend to support the new Libtard transgender legislation. M. Rempel has a new NDP friend and has now decided that this special interest group needs special protection. (big rolling eyes) I hardly think that this represents the views of Rempel’s conservative voters in her riding in Calgary who elected her to federal office in support of Harper last fall. I will not vote for her again.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Time to kick dumbasses out of parliament entirely.

    • G

      There are only political parties in name only now. There is very little REAL difference.
      We have a
      -ruling class comprised of politicians, judiciary and lawyers
      they are enabled by their sycophants in the “news”/ entertainment media & arts/academia, and their operatives in public service/law enforcement,

      -a dependent class, Not just your stereotypical welfare bum, but legions of new immigrants who depend on favorable government decisions just to remain here.

      and an ever-shrinking middle class who actually run businesses perform service and produce goods.

      The ruling class might change it’s name from time to time – Conservative, Liberal NDP but the entire class never changes.