Bloomberg rips campus political correctness

But let’s get serious about who he really is. Catching up here: From Townhall:

Bloomberg delivered the commencement address at the University of Michigan, where he said that the “safe space” is “one of the most dangerous places on a college campus.”

Of course, there were some precious cupcakes that disagreed stringently with Bloomberg; you can hear them in the background. Ironically, some of these Michigan kids (with their jeers) have just proven his point. All he said was that open minds are what has made America great, and that tolerating views that you find deplorable is the price you pay for living in a free thinking society. It’s time to grow up, kids. The First Amendment is law, and you’re going to have to deal with it. In fact, the mere instance that Bloomberg got some audible boos when he was merely articulating his pro-free speech stance, and how it’s beneficial to American society, both domestically and internationally, is rather frightening. Nevertheless, while I pretty much disagree with the mayor on every issue, I will defend him every time he tells precious cupcakes that their ethos of censorship is wrong. More.

Reality check: Memo to Matt Vespa: But so? First, aren’t the precious little asshats still in charge of the campus?

Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court appointees would make mince pies of First Amendment rights in the United States, and the student will then graduate to entrench the new order.

Also, why is Vespa calling them “cupcakes”? They are junior jackboots who understand perfectly well that no one needs them except progressive governments, and then only for enforcement against the traditional population.

And wasn’t Bloomberg the sponsor of the soda pop crackdown? Come on, get real, Vespa.

Nice, rejected sentiments are not going to help the person who begins to realize that in a progressive-run world, government is God.

Bloomberg was just thinking he might need some clear-thinking students who could help him assume such a role. But he can possibly hire them cheaper abroad.

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