A Few Questions for London’s New Mayor and Other Luminaries

Many are hailing the election of London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan, admirably the “son of a Pakistani bus driver,” as the sign of a new, tolerant London and that Britain’s Black and minority ethnic communities are making progress.

But there are concerns. Khan has called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms” – not quite what one would expect to hear from a supposed advocate of equality.

The irony of course is that to show you are not a racist, you are using racist terminology. Is that what an anti-racist should sound like?

  • Liberal Progressive

    But according to Naomi Klein only white people can be racists. Minorities can never be racists unless they are Jewish in which case they aren’t counted as a minority.

  • HalcyonDaze

    On the plus side though, this modern day Harriet Beecher Stowe can’t turn London into any bigger a craphole than the prog’s and libtards had already done and If the truth be known, London was done long before this Islamic racist ever came onto the scene.

  • Spatchcocked

    So what is his swarthiness? A Sunni or a Shiite?

  • Martin B

    Every time I see that smug smirk I hate this bastard more.