Surrendering to Death

Eagles of Death Metal recently finished a Canadian tour and I got to sit down with vocalist Jesse Hughes and discuss the Bataclan attack in Paris that killed 89 of his fans. You’d think he’d want to avoid the topic, but he was actually eager to get into it. He sees it as a catharsis.

Hughes is not happy with the way the media has treated the story. Details are randomly pulled from his interviews and entire angles are edited in later that are diametrically opposed to his beliefs. Jesse Hughes is an ordained Catholic minister. He’s pro-gun, pro-Trump, and pro-life.

He recognizes that Islam is the problem and political correctness is literally killing us.

  • Someone’s about to get the full anal probe from Obama’s private army.

  • Justin St.Denis

    “Ordained Catholic minister”?

    • Dana Garcia

      Yes, I thought that was an odd formulation, more like an oxymoron.

    • k2

      I’m assuming they mean a “deacon”. I’m not sure of all that a deacon can and can’t do (they can get married, for one thing) but I believe that they can partially fulfill a priest’s duties, in a pinch.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Kinda like a priestly technician?

    • Minicapt
  • Frances

    The Taki link has him “ordained as a minister by the Universal Life Church”. Don’t think that’s the RC crowd.