Radicalization at Collège de Maisonneuve: Muslims Say Linking Muslims To Muslim Terrorism Makes People Look At Them Funny

Report on radicalization at Collège de Maisonneuve points to certain “fragilities” among students

“…But far from identifying particular people or places within the college that might have been influencing the youths, the report paints a stark picture of how the events of 2015 shook the college community and created tensions between groups that in turn could foster extremism.

“In the street it’s impossible,” said one of 27 students who volunteered to participate in the study. “Me, in the street, on the bus, I am harassed, people look at me funny, sometimes they jostle me, and attack me.”

The media coverage and the ensuing public discourse following the departures led to Muslims on campus feeling targeted, and potentially looking for a sense of belonging amid radical groups, said Frédéric Dejean, who led the research for the Institut de recherche sur l’intégration professionelle des immigrants (IRIPI).

“We are not saying it’s the media’s fault. But there were certain ways of covering the issue, that put the emphasis on Collège de Maisonneuve and on Muslims and that seemed to blame the Muslim community,” Dejean said. “That’s what the students told us.”

Uhm I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest this unwanted attention on the Muslim community might be due to the fact that this same Muslim community keeps spawning Muslim terrorists the Whole F&cking World Over.

  • Frances

    “…that seemed to blame the Muslim community.” As opposed to the Christian community, whose sons and daughters aren’t into honour killings, beheadings, killing gays, and general jihad?

    • Yea, that sort of thing, you know, that whole death cult business.

  • John

    There should be intense surveillance of all Muslim students at Montréal area colleges. There’s nothing else that can be done to ensure safety.

    • I agree, it was a huge mistake to allow immigration from hostile nations.

  • AK

    All the hot topics of today being pushed by the SJW is creating segregation to the point where no one in the “cigs gender white male patriarchy” wants to go near any of the minorities in fear of being labeled an ist or phobe of some kind because apparently now all it takes is “looking at someone funny”.

  • moraywatson

    Hey muslims, it’s not about you, it’s about the hideous totalitarian ideology of islam, which you follow religiously…so I guess it is about you.

  • chuck_2012

    well these muslim “stoodints” should be arrested and deported to solve the problem.

  • infedel

    islam does not belong in this century…full stop.