Ottawa dispatches 40 more staff to Mideast to reduce Syrian refugee backlog

The federal government appears to be taking some steps to hasten the arrival of privately sponsored farwan-family-syrian-refugees[1]Syrian refugees, but sponsorship groups who have grown disappointed with Ottawa’s efforts say they will keep up the pressure despite some “good news.”

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada said that over 40 additional staff are being dispatched to Canadian visa offices in the Middle East, where they will spend the next seven weeks finalizing applications for privately sponsored refugees.

Check out the comments. h/t Linda1000

  • Waffle

    Let the revolution begin!!

  • eMan14

    This is hardly good news.

  • BillyHW

    The sellout of Canada must not be delayed.

    The CBC has been working very hard lately setting up photo ops with these invaders pretending to know or care what or where Fort Mac is.

  • jmw

    Can we expect more photo-ops from McCallum showing real refugees again? But of course those are not the ones that are being processed. Apparently “very few” are actually coming from the camps according to Citizenship and Immigration. The majority have been waiting in apartments in Turkey and surrounding countries to economically migrate. I don’t think this is what Canadians signed up for.

    • Justin St.Denis

      McCallum is looking more flushed and drunker than usual. I suspect he might explode on-camera one day soon.

      • Gary

        If he catches on fire it will two 3 days to put of the fire.

  • mauser 98

    which makes a total of 540 Trudopian slugs fast tracking the ISIS soldiers here

  • Justin St.Denis

    I feel torn. I am a Christian, yet I find myself wishing and hoping a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer will be visited upon Shiny Pony really, really soon. I try not to hate, yet whenever I see Shiny Pony’s face, strange emotions invade me and I find myself fantasizing about horrible things happening to Shiny Pony. Oddly, these visions make me smile. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • H

      Anger and hatred seems a natural and healthy enough reaction to the face of evil, in my opinion. I would only add as a caveat (and as a fellow Christian) that f’d up, misguided and evil though he may be, he is still human. So hate the sin, love the sinner, kind of thing. Pray for his soul, I guess, if one can bring oneself to do that.

      Personally – though I can’t stand to look at him or listen to him – his face tends to make me feel something closer to despair than anger. This is because I see him as simply representative of a much deeper problem in Canadian society. He is only one person but he is the face of literally millions of Canadians who share many or most of his views – and this fact speaks very bleakly and somberly of the future of our nation. How did we come to this point …?

      • Waffle

        H, you hit the nail on the head. From my perspective, here’s how I see it:

        I was a “war baby” who came of age during the 50s/60s — a glorious time full of promise and opportunity. Expo 67 was the peak and made me, for one, extremely proud and happy to be a Canadian.

        And then things changed. PET was elected PM and affirmative action was imposed on us Little by little, the whole concept of merit started to whittle away. That was just the beginning. We took the imposition of the NEP with barely a whimper thanks to the more communist-minded among us, even though it almost slaughtered our burgeoning oil industry for almost a decade. PET had to go and I for one worked hard for his demise.

        Mulroney, at first, seemed like the “great white hope”, but unfortunately, within 3 months he had many of us shaking our heads in despair. What had we done? But he was still better than PET.

        But I digress, what started to happen once PET was elected, was that standards started to slip away. Gone, tossed out like the proverbial baby with the bathwater. I can speak only of Ontario where the dropping of provincial standards in education had the most egregious effect on professions like teaching and nursing.

        Today, these occupations are still called “professions” but they are no longer — they have become thoroughly communized.

        Whatever spirit of independence we might once have had as Canadians has been beaten out of us, little by little. We no longer have a free press. For those of us who still cling to the illusions of democracy and free speech, blogs such as this are our only refuge.

        Heaven help us.

        • H

          It WAS a great time to be young … and Canadian! (Sigh.) But I suppose if things can change in one direction, they can change in the opposite as well, though it’s hard to see this how this could happen, short of an existential, WWII sized crisis. Perhaps mass Muslim immigration will bring that to us.

          Anyway, happier times:

    • mauser 98

      municipal , provincial , federal spending and incompetence (in Ontario at least ) out of control
      the piper must be paid…we are in a death spiral

      • JoKeR

        But the City of Toronto is only trying to help!

    • Linda1000

      There’s another 3.5 years of having of looking at his selfies. The Butt f**ks attended a funeral on Monday using gov’t. security and plane. Now we know why Butts is his closest advisor. Is everyone in his Cabinet a close personal friend?

    • k1962

      Well, Canada would be rid of him within 6 months. That is a really bad one.

    • Pavelina

      As a Christian, I’ve learned how to oppose someone without hating him.
      Have I just suppressed my hate? I don’t know, but I know he won’t go away any faster if I hate him. OTOH, I don’t subject myself to images of him and the sound of his voice if I can help it.

  • Oh how nice.

    • Maurice Miner

      You realise, BCF, that you are being hetero-normic cis-gendered in your response. Have a good lie down, or (even better) if your professional lifestyle is publicly funded, consider a law suit.

      Just sayin’, no-one in real life has even heard of a workplace stress situation that has caused someone to miss a day of work. This ONLY happens in the Public (*cough*) Service.

      You people need many, many more Syrian reffos of the Muslim persuasion to gather around your polite and futile refugee supporters, be they French or German or Swedish or English.

      These are the end-times, and since you have voted out Stephen Harper, your democracy dictates that you shall be rendered impotent.

      So, chin up, and reap what your compatriots have sown.

      Sorry, but you Canucks deserve it…

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    With stories like this, the comments say more than the story itself.
    And the comments are all against this latest attempt by the Lie-berals to import more Lie-beral voters.
    (One person named ‘Sasha’ attempts to defend the Libs, but is just coming off as a fool.)

    The CBC knows as much. That’s why the tax-funded assholes didn’t allow commenting at their website…..

    Like snot-nosed teenagers who want mom and pops money, but don’t want to hear what mom and pop have to say. Fuck the CBC!!

  • John

    There are so many, many homeless people in Montréal that two years ago teams of census takers were established to go and find out just how many there were. There are 1000s of them, and there’s no room in existing shelters to house them. The same is true in other large cities.

    Alberta is a mess, and with the recent fires in Fort Mac tens of 1000s may be needing shelters and new homes. The rest of Canada ( are you listening Québec and Ontario) has benefited greatly from Alberta’s oil boom, and so now that the province is in dire straits, perhaps those who’ve benefited owe Albertans something

    So in light of this, what does Trudeau do?

    Why he turns his gaze away from Alberta and towards the Middle East and bellyaches about plight of people who’ve largely generated their own fucking misery. He comiserates with a bunch of sorry-assed ingrates who’d spit in your face just as you handed ’em a million bucks on a gold platter.

  • JoKeR

    But the politicians say we have to prove we aren’t all racists and agree with their policies

    • Gary

      The TTC has a shortage of suicide-bombers among their Muslims quota for Diversity and a shortage of child-bride pedo-philes to match the STATS in Tornto.

  • k1962

    Maybe those special interest groups need to feel some pushback.