‘Make beer or I will put you in prison’: Venezuela’s president orders brewery to begin operating again

Venezuela’s president ordered the country’s main beer producer to reopen its breweries or risk being jailed for ‘sabotaging the country’.

Food and beverage company Empresas Polar, which supplies 80 per cent of beer drunk in Venezuela, shut down its last operating plant in April.

In response. President Nicolas Maduro has now threatened to take over idle factories, saying that business owners who ‘sabotage the country’ by halting production, risk being ‘put in handcuffs.’

  • Dana Garcia

    A nation without beer might as well be shariastan.

    • Only the lunatic left would think they can force a business to run at a loss.

  • CodexCoder

    Can’t make beer without ingredients, Lord Maduro. If I was the owner, I would do an Atlas Shrugs and leave overnight. Maduro will be assassinated in the next few weeks or there will be a junta.

    • The Butterfly

      But the people love their Dear Leader.

      • CodexCoder

        Only until they can’t eat – Louis XVI as an historical example – and they are in that situation right now. Kathleen Wynne should be very careful about her dictates for the future as the aggrieved don’t announce their intentions to rebel, they just do it.

  • vimy

    He’s drunk with power and the DT’s are setting in.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Give me Dinkelacker give me Death !

  • WhiteRabbit3

    Maduro is correct. There is a group out to sabotage the country, and they are doing an admirable job. No, not the Americans. No, not Emprasas Polar either.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      He is just a military mutiny away from oblivion.

  • Denis

    it will be pretty nasty beer without hops!!

  • Nermal

    Socialism seems to work until they’ve spent all of everyone else’s money