ISIS fighter on crutches boasts about the desecration of Christian graves

Shocking footage purportedly released by ISIS shows a fighter desecrating the graves of Christians.

The clip displays a man on crutches in military gear showing off about the damage he has caused as he stands next to the smashed Christian cemetery in the city of Deir ez-Zor in Syria.

Shards of stone and wood litter the dry earth, while in the background two wooden coffins appear to be completely destroyed and are now just a mound of material.

  • The Butterfly

    He’s obviously never seen a Coexist bumper sticker.

  • vimy

    When you have an inferiority complex you tend to lash out at those that you feel threatened by. So I guess they know even dead Christians are better then them.

  • xavier

    Yeah real lion of Islam humiliate and hound Christians even after death. Yeah know this one of this injustices that cry out to heaven. I wonder what reckoning awaits IS and the rest of the Moslems policies