Iranian judge tells man: ‘If you’re innocent you’ll go to heaven after you’re hanged’

An Iranian judge has reportedly said to a man he sentenced to death: “If you’re innocent you’ll go to heaven after you’re hanged”.

Reza Hosseini. from Koohdasht, was one of four people executed on 3 May in northern Iran over drugs related charges.

His execution followed a trial that allegedly only lasted two minutes before he was found guilty and sentenced to death at Ghezel Hesar Prison.

  • Gork

    That’s just like the Salem Witch Trials. If she’s a real witch, she won’t burn, so they’ll know to kill her some other way. If she wasn’t a witch, she would burn.

  • Shebel

    All these Great People , over the centuries, that condemned people to death in the name of their God.
    Kinda makes you wonder…
    Where did the Souls go for the ones they killed ?

  • Clausewitz

    Quite frankly that also my view on Jihadists. Shoot them all and let God sort them out.

  • Shebel

    Maybe everyone went to paradise

  • Shebel

    Actually , when the time comes–
    a bunch of skanky assed sluts are of minor importance.
    That is for Muslims.

    I want to know the secrets of the Universe— Even-
    If it takes an Eternity for me to learn them.