Hamas Exploits Easing of Gaza Blockade to Smuggle More Weapons

Palestinian terrorist groups continue to exploit Israel’s relaxation of Gaza’s naval blockade to smuggle weapons meant to strike the Jewish state, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, the Shin Bet, said in a Times of Israel report.

Israel’s Navy detained a Hamas-affiliated operative last month, accused of smuggling weapons and outlawed building materials into the Gaza Strip. Under interrogation, Salim Jamal Hassan Naman admitted that he helped smuggle in “materials used in the production of rockets, like fiberglass resin,” Shin Bet said.

  • V10_Rob

    1) Israel, under international pressure, eases up.
    2) Hamas & friends use the lull to rearm and refortify, usually with resources diverted from civilian and humanitarian supplies that Israel let through.
    3) The Nth Intifada is launched.
    4) Israel retaliates.
    5) Oscar season for Pallywood.
    6) Useful idiots cry and anti-Jew regimes lie on the world stage about how the Palestinians dindu nuffin.
    7) Go to line 1

    • mobuyus

      You left out the “palistinian”national sport of the running of the coffins, first one over the finish line with the corpse popping out wins.