Democrats Try to Outlaw Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has certainly turned American politics on its head. Has it ever happened before in American history that a political party began to frame legislation against an opposing candidate’s proposals before he was even elected – much less one whose election was as inconceivable as the mainstream media would have us believe about Donald Trump? Yet that is exactly what the Democrats are doing: Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) is spearheading a bill that would block a President Trump from instituting the temporary halt on Muslim immigration into the United States that he has proposed.

  • eMan14

    The notion that he’s discriminating against a religion is nonsense. It can be argued that Islam is not a real religion. The basis of Trump’s concern is that those who commit terrorism tend to follow Islam. And do so in the name of Islam. And that is proven each and every day we exist.
    If it was a simple process to identify a terrorist… we would not be spending billions upon billions of dollars on security that we ourselves have to be subjected to on a daily basis.
    A temporary ban on Muslims… it just makes too much sense.

  • BillyHW

    The Left are treasonous bastards who won’t stop until our civilization is destroyed.

  • k2

    Yes, the Dems are such great lovers of freedom and individual liberty. That’s what this is all about: protection of freedom of religion (just like they protect the right of Christian bakers to refuse to bake wedding cakes for gay couples).

    Actually, the fact that the proposed (temporary) ban on Muslim immigration seems to be particularly upsetting to them suggests something to me. I believe that they fully understand – either consciously or at least at an unconscious level – that Muslims are the bloody point of the stake that they are attempting to drive into the heart of Western civilization. So they realize that mass Muslim immigration is the key plank in their overall strategy and without it, they will probably fail to achieve their goals.

  • John

    Just watch this. Some heavy ammo for Trump on immigration

  • Norman_In_New_York

    So that scum wants to play Russian roulette with my life. That bill is not likely to get anywhere once the word gets out.