22 Percent of Resettled Refugees in Minnesota Test Positive for Tuberculosis

One of every five refugees resettled in Minnesota by the federal government tested positive for latent tuberculosis in 2014, according to the state’s Department of Health.


  • Not looking real good for the anti-vaxxers, is it?

  • Hard Little Machine

    awesome! stayin clear of that place.

    • Clausewitz

      It’s also like this in Toronto. It’s just that in TO’s case it’s covered up. Not allowed to have race based statistics in the wonderful leftist paradise of Toronto.

  • Dana Garcia

    Is Minnesota the first to have an official State Disease?

    • Clausewitz

      No, Ontario was first with Dementia. Look who got voted in.

  • eMan14

    They’re not being properly vetted. Probably not here either. I’m not surprised at all.

  • The Butterfly


  • simus1

    No mention of any of the incoming unfortunates with antibiotic resistant TB which commonly takes a year to cure and costs $1mil+ for each one?

  • Bubba2 Butane

    Going to be interesting on how Toronto Mayor “Cable Boy” Tory and his Marxist city council will spin the TB plague that will hit Toronto. ” It’s not contagious.. its good for you!” Just smoke your government dope and visit the washroom of your transgender choice. Justin will make it all better.. SUNNY WAYS!!

    • Clausewitz

      Will hit? Talking to Doctor’s at my post transplant clinic, it’s already here.

      • Shebel

        You getting a transplant?

        • Clausewitz

          Nope post transplant. Got a new kidney 11 years ago. Still going strong.

  • bob e

    there is certainly room at the white house among the O’fraud
    children for these future doctors, lawyers & welfare criminals ..

  • WalterBannon

    Enriched by diversity yet again.

    Even when they are not trying to kill us, they are killing us.

  • jack burns

    Culling the Scandinoid stock in the upper Midwest might not be a bad thing. Bigger bunch of diversity-embracers there has never been.