Robert Spencer responds to denunciation by Leftist Rabbi Shaul Osadchey

Recently I spoke in Calgary, Alberta, and was denounced before I had said a word by, among others, hard-Left Rabbi Shaul Osadchey. Rabbi Osadchey recently wrote a lengthy explanation of why he did this, in response to a letter he received from Brian Sander, one of his congregants. The Rabbi’s explanation was passed on to me with the request that I answer it.

  • Gary

    Look how fast that Rabbi caved over the Pam Geller visit when that racist jew-hating Diversity-Quota Cop Ricky Veereppan that was close to the hamas funding CAIR .
    The Police are now told that they must alert a Mosque of a visit and give the Imam a 24 hour notice even if the visit is related to a Criminal case. But racist Ricky the Quota-Cop entered the Jewish temple while also keeping his gun on him as he threatened the rabbi that is he allowed Pam to speak at his temple he would lose his job as a Chaplain for the PEEL police.

    The Police are suppose to enforce Canada’s laws not islamic jew-hatred by racist Cops that got their job because of their colour where they lowered the bar for him and gave this bigot a gun .

    How long before muslim cops go into a Jewish temple to do a Fort Hood slaughter or use their Cop car to rig-up a IED with help from Omar Khadr .

  • vimy

    When the time comes the only thing this Rabbi will have to say is “ALL ABOARD!”

    • Maggat

      Tooot toooot, all aboard, train now leaving, next stop Auschwitz, Treblinka and Bergen Belson.

  • Robert Spencer’s eloquent response is precisely why they want to shut him up — because they can’t refute his arguments.

  • useless opinion

    I wonder if the Rabbi has taken lessons from the Judenrat of war time Germany.

    • vwVwwVwv

      judenrat had to be forced in to treason, what force is chokeing osadchey?

  • vwVwwVwv

    first thing first

    this rabbi isn’t a jew at all.

    judaism is much about following the millenias old jewish law.
    in the Anglosaxon area the sects of liberal & conservative
    “judaisms” have foubd safespace to derail jews from judaism
    and to paint common jews and real judaism as bad as possible.

    no beliveing mainsream jew sees them as jewish at all.
    osadchy wouldnt evan be counted to
    a minian.
    (nececary 10 man for to have a comunity level prayer)
    he should call himself Imam…

    • Funz

      SHUT IT DOWN!!!

      • vwVwwVwv

        yaaaaaawn, your boring!

        • Funz

          Ladies and gentiles!
          Putzy the clown.
          He’ll be here all week.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Why are there leftist rabbis?

  • Allan

    This “rabbi” is what they call a “useful idiot”. Just like Trudeau