PM Useful Idiot provides 197K funding to the Muslim Brotherhood

Federal government announces funding for Kitchener Masjid

Years of fundraising is finally paying off for the Kitchener Muslim community.

On Sunday they announced expansion and renovation plans to the Kitchener Masjid (Muslim Association of Canada) on Victoria Street.

While most of the fundraising has come from the Muslim community, the federal government announced on Sunday they will be contributing $197,000 towards the projects from the community infrastructure program.

The Muslim Association of Canada is a Muslim Brotherhood Front Organization – The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada: Civilization Jihad

Ottawa Citizen – Beware of the Muslim Brotherhood, expert warns

The brotherhood is a banned terrorist organization in some Middle East and other countries, notably Egypt, where the movement was born. But it has different profile in the West.

To start, there is no group calling itself the “Muslim Brotherhood” in North America. Instead, a few hundred sophisticated, politically savvy and well-funded supporters in Canada have over the past 50 years created vocal and visible organizations that represent a very small part of the Muslim community. They exert a disproportional influence over mosques, schools and spaces where Muslims come together, said Vidino.

While they don’t take orders from any Arab capital, they “are part of an informal network where you have strong links based on personal and financial connections, and at the end of the day what matters the most: ideology. They all embrace a certain world view.”

Groups sometimes go to great lengths to sever or hide such ties, Vidino told the committee. He said they include the Muslim Association of Canada and what used to be called CAIR-CAN, now the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

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