Lead woman in NYT hit piece says ‘I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump’


  • G

    The FOX news graphic reads: “Muddled message”.

    There’s nothing “muddled” about it. The NYT willfully misrepresented the facts. The only difference is that THIS time they are up against someone who will fight back.

    I’m so sick of journalists. They’re garbage. They only print those facts that that THEY believe will move the public’s opinion in a given way.

    That’s why you never hear any stories critical of the gay rights industry or the homeless or Mid-East refugees in Canada or the U.S. or Justin Trudeau BEFORE an election.

    Don’t just boycott newspapers. Boycott journalists.
    Renting out a basement apartment in your house?
    —“Ok Miss Jones, just out of curiosity, what do you do for a living?”
    – “That’s *MS* Jones if you don’t mind and I’m a reporter for the Times”
    —Ok good I’ll get back to you”. (never calls her back)
    A tradesman?
    —–“Good morning, welcome to Dave’s neighborhood Auto repair, what can I do for you”?
    –“My car is very difficult to start”
    —–“Ok, well, Hey! Aren’t you the guy from Channel 5 news?”
    –(preening) “Well, yes, harrumph, that’s me”
    ——“Oh I’m sorry, we’re completely booked up for the next 8 weeks. Thank you goodbye”

    • Even Trump critics have been ridiculing the Times over this piece and that was before the woman’s statement.

      • Will Quest

        Being a low-hanging FRUIT is an asset for today’s media …..

  • John

    Back when Slick Willie was porking women left and right, the New York Times went deaf and blind.

    This comes off as so contrived it’s just laughable.

    Trump is not a womeniser like Clinton. He’s into serial monogamy; when the love wears off he divorces and remarries. He’s not really into mistresses and affairs, and so attempting to work that angle in an effort to come up with some dirt will most likely fail.

    • G

      The self righteousness of the media is astonishing. Are there ANY journalists who have been married only ONCE? Are there any who have not fucked around on their spouses?

      I’m so damned sick of these holier than thou town gossips. Journalists are slime bags.

      • John

        They’re beyond desperate at the NYT.

  • There are some Mainstream Media that are not only tabloid but they have graduated to being outright propaganda or misinformation outlets.

    I just finished watching a series of documentaries on WWII and the Cold War. Some of them are very good — especially the ones with new footage unearthed from archives. But after watching many hours of documentaries I noticed something: the stuff produced by media such as Turner Broadcasting or CNN is garbage — lots of historical revisionism. Especially Turner’s perspective on the Cold War — very misleading. Moral equivalency all the way — i.e. the free democratic system in the U.S. is the same as the former Soviet totalitarian dictatorship.

    I hope Turner “documentaries” aren’t being taught in our schools, it would certainly explain why we have an entire generation of brain-dead youth ignorant about Western history. These Media organizations should be ashamed of themselves. And they’re pulling the same stunt with “moral equivalency” re: Islam and Christianity. As if voluntarily saying “three Hail Mary’s and “one Our Father” for penance is the same as being forcibly beheaded or stoned to death.

    The day is coming soon when the Mainstream Media will sorely regret poisoning an entire generation with Left-wing propaganda.

    • H

      Three Hail Mary’s and One Our Father? Wow, you must have a particularly strict priest 😉 When I was growing up, our dear old assistant pastor inevitably said (no matter what one had confessed to) “one Hail Mary – and say a prayer for me too!”

  • simus1

    Propaganda, especially the “documentary” visual stuff, has as always been very expensive to produce up until recent decades. Truth, caught by motion picture film in warfare in times past could have been even more costly to obtain in cash and lives with the “added bite you in the ass feature” that it might show something very unhelpful to the cause at any particular moment.
    That is why there was so much fake garbage around. Those early B&W newsreel shorts of crazy inventors with silly disintegrating flying machines that couldn’t ever fly were almost all paid for fakes. Actual WW1 combat film was used much later as comic antiwar material by running it at standard electric drive projector speed even though it would have been “all too real” if it had been properly shown.

  • bargogx1

    Oh darn, there goes the narrative again. Why do those pesky facts keep interfering with the narrative?