CSIS “Expert”: Muslims “radicalize” because they find it hard to criticize government

“It’s a really hard thing to tell your government, ‘By the way, your policies are problematic.’ Governments are not comfortable talking about it because it forces them to be self-critical of their own policy — but it cannot be ignored.”

Is Phil Gurski, former CSIS analyst, serious? Muslims join jihad groups because they find it difficult to criticize government policies? So in Canada, where there is still relatively open discussion and debate in the public arena, and loyal opposition is not against the law, is so repressive of dissent that the only outlet that young Muslims can find is violence?

One wonders if these “experts” believe their own nonsense.

  • Martin B

    Is this clown vaguely aware that a Mohammedan has been Mayor of Calgary for several years now? That there are Mohammedans in Parliament and in Cabinet? Somehow, the Muzz not only manage to criticize government, they are IN government.

    “Every single plot we’ve had dating back to the Toronto 18 was predicated largely – not solely but largely – on this notion that our foreign policy is anti-Islamic”

    So from now on Canada’s foreign policy must be Islamic. Or else.

    It looks like CSIS and the terrorists are on the same side.

    • I read this piece on the weekend and just rolled my eyes, on many occasions when a representative of the “Muslim” community is asked about terrorism and its motivation by the media they respond that our “foreign policy” is to blame, the implied threat being that we must change coarse to avoid more of the same.

      Islam is the reason for Muslim terrorism, Jihad is obligatory.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        That they can lie with such a straight face explains their affinity with Democrats and Liberals.

  • simus1

    As Sherlock Holmes may have inferred, what the watchdogs do not bark at is often much more illuminating.

  • moraywatson

    Muslims find it hard to criticize governments because they are so busy supplanting governments with their own sharia laws.

  • jack burns

    They are a diminished race (represented as a faith) incapable of implementing the basics of a civil society. Violent people who deserve a violent end. Apparently even animals are figuring that out. http://nypost.com/video/cow-attacks-despicable-men-stabbing-a-girl-in-an-honor-killing/

  • Alain

    If this is a CSIS “expert”, then CSIS is a waste of financial and human resources. Muslims have no difficulty criticising government, in fact wearing the nikaq is saying screw the government and screw Canadians. I could continue but I think you get the point.

    • T.C.

      Apparently a “former CSIS analyst.”

      Maybe this article is indicative of the reason why?

  • Ed

    Meanwhile, over at NASA, the top priority continues to be muslim outreach. Yes, that’s right. NASA chief Charles Bolden said in 2010 that this was the top priority Obama had charged him with.

    And Trump is the nut.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    You can always tell the real experts as they almost always say the exact same thing.
    The real cause of radicalism is becoming more observant of Islam and that the Muslums and the left lie about it.
    If you hear anything else, the expert is most always lying.
    Also, “experts” married to a Muslum are always suspect as being compromised, or a Muslum themselves.