Continental Breakfast

What summer music festivals are doing with your personal data

Pedophiles using drones to spy on kids

Media Airing Hillary Clinton’s Attack Ads for Free

Venezuela Plans Army Exercises

Norway Will Decide On Kids’ Gender If Parents Disagree

Mass riot in Copenhagen

Canadian Imam admits refugee resettlement is caliphate-building

Palin on list of potential Trump running mates

Expert Warns of Rio Olympics Zika Health Disaster

American Homegrown ‘Violent Extremists’ All Linked to Islamists

The Writings of the Craziest SJWs in Academia

‘Blue Lives Matter’ display vandalized by BLM supporters

New Service Helps Migrants Set Up ‘Dates’ With Locals

Whites Owe ‘$20 Trillion’ in Reparations

California Democrats To Launch ‘Gunpocalpyse’ May 16

Renowned economist fears new depression if Trump winsmouse

  • ontario john

    Good news for Ontario taxpayers. Because we love to pay taxes here in Sunny Ways Ontario. The Globe and Mail website is reporting that Wynne will spend 7 billion dollars to fight global warming. I don’t know, I could use a little global warming right now.

  • ontario john

    Iran has arrested a number of female models for not wearing bags over their heads. Obviously they haven’t followed the Toronto Stars instructions that wearing a bag over your head is a victory for feminism.

    • G

      Several of the Tor star’s female journalists would benefit from wearing bags over their heads.

      • JoKeR

        Some are two-baggers!

        You can never have too much protection.

  • JoKeR