Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Q&A: the West must stop seeing Muslims only as victims

It is becoming increasingly difficult to criticise Islam and Muslims in western countries such as Australia, the Somali-born author and human rights campaigner Ayaan Hirsi Ali has said, because “we only see them [Muslims] through this prism of victims and victimisation”.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    She lost me.

    • Mystifying. But maybe not. She makes her living in the Republican nomenclature

  • hktony

    she lost me when she mentions reformers and moderates. Islam means death. They follow mo to hell. Where on earth do you start a discussion. Muslims should all get out of the west.All should live together without help or assistance from the west and liberals should be deported there too. Goodbye and f off for good. No discusion. No compromise. No muzzies in the west. In fact she can f off and go and talk to these so called moderates and reformers elsewhere. Bless her for trying though. Now f….

  • vimy

    “we only see them [Muslims] through this prism of victims and victimization.”

    Well I don’t and there are far more victims of islam then any other group in the world right now.

    • V10_Rob

      Yup. Waaaaay ahead of you, Mrs. Ali.

  • Dana Garcia

    Muz are perps, not victims. Simple if you look.