Al Qaeda calls on ‘lone wolf’ jihadis to kill U.S. business leaders in Inspire issue no. 15

Al Qaeda is encouraging lone wolf jihadis to kill American business leaders and entrepreneurs in a bid to dent the country’s economy.

The latest issue of Inspire, the terrorist group’s propaganda magazine, focuses on ‘assassination’, which it claims was a hallmark strategy of the Prophet’s holy war.

Describing the killings as adhering to its policy of ‘cutting the nerves and isolating the head’ of the U.S, it told followers to target those who invest wealth in the country.

Inspire issue 15, click the link below.

Inspire Issue 15

  • truepeers

    Yeah, start assassinating the demographic that is one of the biggest pro-immigration lobbies, Abu Dufus.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Please make it Zuckerberg.

    • V10_Rob

      Indeed. If they’re not careful about who they target, if they simply go after some of the biggest and most recognizable names, then their efforts to weaken Western economies may do more good than harm.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      And Jeff Bezos.
      And the Weinsteins.