Italy set to double baby bonus to fight birth rate ‘apocalypse’

Italy’s health minister is proposing doubling a ‘baby bonus’ incentive for couples to have more children to combat what she calls a catastrophic decline in the country’s birth rate.

“If we carry on as we are and fail to reverse the trend, there will be fewer than 350,000 births a year in 10 years’ time, 40 percent less than in 2010 — an apocalypse,” the minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, said in an interview published on Sunday by daily La Repubblica.

Lorenzin told the paper she wanted to double the standard baby bonus, currently €80 ($90) a month for low-to-middle income families, and introduce higher payments for second and subsequent children to encourage bigger families.

  • Achmed

    Good our refugees need the extra money to send back home!

  • Daviddowntown

    Unless they designate it for non muslims only, they will run out of other peoples money that much sooner

    • Too little too late.

    • B__2

      It’s actually worse than that: the Italian government is going to be subsidising the death of Italian culture and history by paying those in the Islamic culture who are already having the most children to have even more children. Each of the four wives (one state-legal, the other three ‘single mothers’) might be now able to afford to have an extra one or two children with the baby bonus.

      As far as the socialist bureaucracy sees it, it’s just a problem with low birthrates overall which has to be addressed by subsidising more births, regardless of who has them. With their belief that all people are the same, it seems apparent they are happy with muslims becoming the dominant child bearers in the belief that their children will embrace Italian culture and values in the future.

      In practice it would be impossible to designate baby bonuses for non-muslims only, since they a) would be sued in the EU court systems for discrimination, and b) muslims are allowed to lie to promote islam, so many muslims would become non-muslims for the bonus (and only as far as the bonus requires).

  • Jay Currie

    bumping the baby bonus is not actually going to work. Italy is de-industrializing, its banks are a mess and because it is in the Euro and the EU there is very little it can do about either. Plus it is a frontline state in the undeclared Islamic invasion of Europe.

    To have any hope of survival as “Italy” it needs to dump the Euro, leave the EU and adopt an Australian “turn the boats back” attitude towards the invaders.

    I am not holding my breath.

    • Never happen, unless it’s kicked out of the Euro, not as far fetched a notion as it may appear.

  • BillyHW

    The only people who will be collecting these baby bonuses are muzzie immigrants.

  • andycanuck

    It hasn’t worked in Quebec.

  • Too late, Italy.

  • Backa Bock

    A country that wants to increase its birthrate either has to make childcare a non refundable tax credit that refunds dollar for dollar or it has to get rid of the typical penalties for being married. Otherwise all you get are welfare losers breeding more of the same. Government needs to invest in productive individuals. Unfortunately, the socialist model is about punishing the winners and rewarding the losers.