‘I was Raised by an Islamist Terror Cult in America’

The Clarion Project has been in contact with a woman who grew up within Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a cultish Sufi Islamist terrorist group that now goes by the name of Muslims of the Americas.

The group is best known for establishing “Islamic villages” on U.S. soil, for example, its “Islamberg” headquarters in New York state.

She has agreed to anonymously come forward with her heartbreaking story. We have removed details for her safety. She provided photographs and specific facts that are unavailable in the public sphere that we subsequently confirmed.

  • UCSPanther

    The story told by this woman is very reminiscent of similar tales told by escapees of xenophobic cults like Scientology and the FLDS.

    The only difference, is that Jamaat al-Fuqra actually has the potential to be a significant national security threat, especially if they throw their lot in with ISIS (assuming they haven’t already).

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Damn, so much for Sufis being “moderate” Muslims.