Germany: Christian Refugees Persecuted by Muslims “Incidents are deliberately downplayed and even covered up.”

Thousands of Christians in German refugee shelters are being persecuted by Muslims, sometimes even by their security guards, according to a new report, which asserts that in most cases German authorities have done nothing to protect the victims.

The study alleges that German authorities and police have deliberately downplayed and even covered up the “taboo issue” of Muslim attacks on Christian refugees, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

The report, “Religiously Motivated Attacks on Christian Refugees in Germany” (Religiös motivierte Übergriffe gegen christliche Flüchtlinge in Deutschland), was produced by the German branch of Open Doors, a non-governmental organization supporting persecuted Christians, worldwide.

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    Europe is ours! Canada is next.

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    Well, as Prince Justin said, helping Christians first is disgusting.

  • It’s a good thing everyone is importing these problems.

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