Australia: Muslim prisoners are bashing inmates who refuse to convert to Islam

Prison guards have received complaints that Muslim inmates are using threats of violence to convert other prisoners, with some fearing the recruiters may be linked to extremist groups.

Several prisoners from Kariong jail, on the Central Coast, north of Sydney, claim they have been bashed by other inmates after declining to convert to Islam, the Daily Telegraph reported.

This comes as the number of prisoners practicing Islam inside the prison has reportedly risen, with dozens of non-Arabic inmates requesting access to the Koran, halal food and prayer mats.

  • Alain

    That has always been the only way that Islam got converts, by force. Islam also only has its large number due to the fact that no one can leave Islam.

    • Brett_McS

      There is a podcast interview on Voice of Israel with two rabbis (who are also IAF officers) and Anjem Choudry. Chowder-head has glib answers for all the usual questions that come his way, but then these two guys noted that it is very difficult to convert to Judaism, but extremely easy to leave, whereas in Islam it is the opposite. They asked him to comment. Silence, and then the line went dead.

  • Gary

    When Dr.Sheema Khan from the hamas linked CAIR told us that the Toronto-18 Muslim terrorist weren’t true muslims we saw how the CBC and STAR bought that taqiyyah. But when these “non- Muslims” that hijacked islam got to prison and demanded a Prayer rug, quran, Halal food, arrow to mekkah and access to an Imam the STAR and CBC didn’t go back to CAIR’s Ms.Khan for why she wasn’t protesting Corrections Canada for treating non-muslims like muslims that get special treatment in prison.
    Isn’t that odd that the Media, Judges , lawyer’s and Politicians deny that the muslim jihadists are muslim prior to them being convicted, but suddenly all of theses people that have NOTHING to do with islam are given prayer rugs , qurans and so on once they are in a Federal prison .
    Sheema Khan needs to get her lies straight because when the Toronto-18 were first arrested she said is a from islamophobia and anti-muslim bigotry Post-9/11.

    Imam Steve Rockwell loves to spew the big lie that muslims have the lowest rates for Prison population and yet CAIR had boasted about how Correction Canada hire a full-time Imam to meet the needs of the growing muslim population in Prisons.
    Won’t be long before our prisons will have Gold Domes as quasi-mosques with a 100% muslim population .

  • mobuyus

    They should bring Salt Water Crocodiles into the prison system to help in conversions.

  • Barrington Minge

    Never got any napalm when you need it.