Wynne in the Middle East

If the Islamists find out about her girlfriend, she is a sidewalk pancake:

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne begins a week-long trade mission Sunday to the Middle East, with a focus on the life sciences and research sectors.

The delegation of government officials as well as approximately 130 business, academic and research representatives is travelling to Israel and the West Bank.

Wynne told a pre-mission reception for the delegates earlier this month that Ontario and Israel share many of the same priorities, namely developing “strong, competitive business environments that support innovation and growth.”

Aside from Israel (where Wynne is damn lucky to go), what does the Middle East offer the world?

  • BillyHW

    LOL, she’s visiting the West Bank, that major hub of research and life science!

    • They are geniuses at destroying greenhouses.

      • Waffle

        That was Gaza.

        • Alain

          True but the same people and given the same opportunity would do the same.

        • Sorry.

          Sometimes I confuse my crapholes.

          • Waffle

            Interesting that Wynne isn’t scheduled to visit Gaza — I understand they have high-rise luxury hotels on the beach.

          • Some of the best.

  • felis gracilis

    She took Janie to the Paris climate yammerfest. Why not to the West Bank?

  • Linda1000

    Why doesn’t someone entice her to go to the UAE (Dubai is the little Hong Kong trading post of the ME) or Saudi. Maybe she would be arrested since Canada is too impotent for that job. We could send Notley who would be considered an oil industry spy to keep her company.

  • ismiselemeas

    What it actually is is a trade mission to Israel with one coffee break over the border, but then they can’t bring themselves to announce that either, can they?

    • Nannieghunter2

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  • Mal

    “If the Islamists find out about her girlfriend, she is a sidewalk pancake.”
    Ooooooooooh… yes, please!

    • Will Quest

      We have a saint-pancake originating from that area why not a saint-strap-on-dildo ……..this saint fell from a tall building in Gaza and was mysteriously impaled on a dildo …… allahu-ackbar !

  • Norman_In_New_York

    “Ontario and Israel share many of the same priorities.” Well, not quite. Israel believes in a strong military defense, the benefits of a free market, and putting the siring and advancement of children first. (95% of couples in Israel are married to each other.)

  • Waffle

    Pardon my cynicism, but I see that poor old Monte Kwinter (is he still alive???) is being trotted out as the token(?) Jew. Monte may have had some credibility several decades ago, but really, Kathleen, your advisers should really keep up with who the new Jewish movers-and-shakers are.
    On a more practical note, this perverted by-otch would do well to cultivate closer trade ties with Israel (the “Middle East” is just window-dressing). After all somebody’s got to generate the gelt to pay the jizya for her imports.

  • I bet they show her the tallest building in Ramallah.

    • Miss Trixie


  • Minicapt
  • Clink9

    Premier Parking Lot Pizza

  • marty_p

    Only in the Middle East can Premier Strap-on get stoned in Tel Aviv (pot is readily available) and then drive a few kilometers to the West Bank where she can get stoned for playing for the other team.