The last whites of the East End: BBC documentary

The last whites of the East End: BBC documentary reveals how cockneys are becoming an endangered species in London borough of Newham after 70,000 immigrants moved in

There's a very good reason Sadiq Khan won London's Mayoralty, aside from it being a Labour city of longstanding

There’s a very good reason Sadiq Khan won London’s Mayoralty, aside from it being a Labour city of longstanding

h/t JEH

  • Martin B

    The 2011 Census reported 1012823 Mohammedans in London, and rising fast:

    Sadiq just got 1310143 votes:,_2016

    No infidel will ever be Mayor of London again, only Mohammedans and grovelling dhimmis need apply.

  • politicallynaive

    yeah. it is called “White Flight”…..WHo wants to live with this garbage!!!

    • Canadian Born

      Canada is on the same track as England. With Muslims, Chinese, Koreans and so on, whites will soon be extinct in a country that their ancestors fought and died for. Shame on us for letting this happen. Canadians now don’t have the same backbone and courage that the men who fought for this country years ago had.

      • BillyHW

        What can we do when our women vote for faggots like Justin Trudeau?

        • Acehole

          Do you know the number one reason Canadian women vote for Trudeau? They find him sexually attractive.

          Democracy is fucking weak.

        • Kell

          find a better class of female would be my first thought but hey, I like them feisty!

      • Kell

        Then FIGHT for it!!!

        • Canadian Born

          I am a 66 year old disabled woman and have just lost my husband of 45 years.There is no fight left in me. I have repeadly called the PM’s office and left message after message. The people who voted this ass in have just destroyed Canada.

  • Brett_McS

    Meanwhile, the cast of EastEnders, the gritty, realistic portrayal of contemporary life in the east end of London is (from IMDB): Phil, Ian, Pat, Dot, Peggy, Pauline, Billy, Sharon, Ricky, Sonia, …

  • BillyHW

    Whites are the only people it’s okay to ethnically cleanse.

    • Acehole

      The genetic stock of the white race was decimated by the two world wars of the last century. Lots of great warrior DNA was left on those battlefields. The white race had no other challengers in the 20th century, so they set about slaughtering one another on a mass scale.

      The white race NEEDS this struggle to become strong again. As the lights slowly go out on Western Civilization, expect the white race to eventually regroup. It’s inevitable. Nobody conducts war and kills like whites. Once the white man has his back to the wall, he will go berserk like he has in the past. The non-whites will not know what to do. They are so used to docile white people. And don’t expect any of the non-whites to ally with one another. They won’t.

      This won’t end well for anybody, whites included.

      • Kell

        OOOAAAH, my brother…OOOAAAHHH! I believe its “regrouping” now and what’s coming isn’t going to be pretty but it’ll be the last time we have to have this fight!

  • Kell

    I trained with SAS and their infantry back in the late 70’s into mid-80’s and would have thought the Brits would have fought for their lands rather than surrender to goat humping, baby raping, 6th century inbred boy lovers! How disappointing, seriously, this is sad, the spirit of the men I served with had bigger balls than this…

    • Acehole

      Way too many people are counting out the Europeans. The shooting hasn’t even started yet. I for one will not discount the Euros, yet. Sure, they’re huge pussies. And they are still traumatized by WW2. But if I know anything about Europeans, they most certainly will eventually resort to ethnic cleansing at some point. When in their long, long history have they not engaged in some form of ethnic cleansing or continuous warfare?

      I think those Muslims that are arrogantly strolling into Europe are walking into the biggest trap in human history. Europe is very easy for Muzzies to get into right now. Leaving will be a different story. I suspect that the vast majority of Muslims currently living in Europe will die there at the hands of the Europeans in unnatural ways.

  • lolwut?

    Is this online anywhere?