Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau owes parents everywhere an explanation

Looking after small kids is no easy feat. I know that all too well. And the moms in society – and let’s be honest here, it’s still usually the women who stay home – do a lot more work 9-5 than those of us who just sit at a desk all day. It’s not all soap operas and bon-bons, that’s for sure.

Screaming kids. Barfing kids. Diapers. Endless laundry. Dirty dishes. Heck, broken dishes. Cheerios spilled everywhere, if you’re lucky. Soup spilled everywhere and in your hair on a bad day. Diapers again.

And do you get to rest while they’re napping? Hell no. You’ve got an hour to clean up to prepare for the next round.

  • Seven and eight year-old kids can dress themselves. There are also two nannies and a grandmother tucked in there somewhere.

    Sophie Trudeau is just selfish.

    • And thick. Very Thick like her husband.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I kind of got that impression too.

        • Those kids won’t be getting into top universities. Not on merit at any rate.

          • No. They are Trudeaus. They will bribe their way in and proceed to ruin this country for future generations.

      • Thick as a whale omelette?

    • Waffle

      I think one of the nannies is for nanna.

  • G

    If the truth be told I can’t even stand the so-called “conservative” newspapers even when they say something I agree with.

    Anthony Furey criticizes Trudeau’s wife (fair enough).

    Then I look down & see a headline about how “Donald Trump’s history with Women is Unsettling”

    Oh STFU Sun newspapers! You hypocritical shits use good old fashioned tits & ass Sunshine girl pics to sell newspapers and your classified ads are full of slimey hooker ads. So quit acting so self righteous.

    • The Sun was bought by Postmedia, expect more of that. Look at what happened to the NatPo.

    • Will Quest

      Good old selective outrage , that how MSM roles…..

  • Cat-astrophe

    When the NWO takes over this will be the norm. Husband and wife Royalty representing the Boss. We went through this with Michelle. Probably old news in a lot of European countries.
    In the future, we the people, will not even be able to leave the house without mom and dads permission.

  • Exile1981

    At least she doesn’t come across like trailer trash the way Michelle does out in public. So I guess we have that going for us.

    I’m trying very hard to find a silver lining.

    • She isn’t very bright, I suspect however she will learn from this, in no way is she comparable to that awful woman in the White House.

      • Clausewitz

        Ah, a trip back through memory lane………..

    • Nannieghunter2

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    • Waffle

      Trailer trash — fish wife. Vive la difference!

  • Frances

    All our married children are professionals, and are busy balancing work and family. We’re on call a fair bit. One family went the nanny route because the schedules of the parents are so unpredictable, and that has worked well. Other offspring and spouse calling in family as spouse goes back to work from parental leave, but are looking to go the nanny route as more flexible than a daycare or day home that closes at 6 (or whatever closing time) sharp. Much as we love the family, we don’t want out lives totally circumscribed by having to be “on call” every day in case unexpected emergencies or obligations mean the parents can’t pick up the grandbrats and so we have to swoop down and rescue the kiddies.

    And, there may be a nanny or nannies in our family but – trust me – it’s one per family, no chef or cleaning staff, and long hard days at their careers.

    Mme Gregoire-Trudeau needs to sort out her priorities. Mrs Harper did a lot of work for charities, without the fanfare, the fuss, or the sponging on the public purse. But then, she is an adult.

  • Liberal Progressive

    How dare you treat Canada’s Queen Sophie with such disdain!

    • I’m just nasty that way.

      • Canadian

        Don`t change!

  • eMan14

    Sophie… life is tough. Deal with it.

  • AK

    Anybody happen to read Neil McDonalds defend and deflect “tall poppy” article on CBC today? Closest I’ve been to puking in years.

    I do encourage Mrs Trudeau to keep up the entitled attitude though, looks good on her and her pretentious coat tail riding husband.

  • Will Quest

    A pampered/neurotic Quebecoise with delusions of grandeur ….. she believes she’s a STAR ….. A perfect narcissist fit to, boy-wonder, JUST-IN … I wonder how often they go through the looking glass and how often they scamper down the rabbit-hole……

    ” Canada they’re Baaaaaack ” no amount of ♪ ♫ Sunny ways! ♫ ♪….. can make this circus side show easier to accept , what an national embarrassment ….Is she trying to out-wack the mother in law living in the attic .

  • Will Quest

    Sophie-Gregoire-Trudeau is overwhelmed with imaginary ‘official-duties’ …..
    ‘To serve people’ the narcissist diva demands a ‘team’ , to serve people what , some pricey Quebecois cheese to go with that chi-chi WHINE of hers.
    24 Sussex Drive is now on a Camelot mission with these two pretentious narcissists, crass nouveau-rich feeding on the public teat…… Noblesse Oblige……..
    All this cray-cray is enabled by a fawning MSM, carrying the buckets of slop to the public trough…. Shopphie , JUST-IN ……through the looking glass ….. what a national embarrassment ~!?!

  • DMB


  • Surele Surele