‘Somebody kill me now … I need to be in heaven by 4pm’: ISIS fighter pleads

An ISIS fighter pleaded with his Kurdish captors to kill him, so he could make a ‘religious ceremony’ in heaven at 4pm.

The jihadi was taken prisoner by the Peshmerga, near Mosul, in northern Iraq, on the day of the Muslim festival of Isra and Mi’iraj.

The celebration marks the night when Allah took Muhammed on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven.

Hope they accommodated him.

  • Ron MacDonald

    A broadcaster speaking in Ontario last month:

    “I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto. I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs. Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.”

    “That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque; thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque. We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, “The Turban Cowboy,” and the other, a topless bar, would be called “You Mecca Me Hot.”

    “Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called “Iraq of Ribs.”

    “Across the street there could be a lingerie store called “Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret,” with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods” and on the other side a liquor store called “Morehammered.”

    “All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us.”

    Yes we should promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this on.

  • Hard Little Machine

    nuclear weapons all over the area. just evaporate the whole country.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Kurds are probably having a good laugh over this.

  • bargogx1

    Gee, I didn’t know heaven ran on a timetable.

  • Kell

    Why 4? they run out of little virgin boys at 4?