Polish President Wants Canadian Troops to Deter Russian Expansionism

I find it adorable that the Polish president thinks that he is talking to a real leader like Harper. He will find out shortly that, like his predecessors, world leaders and puppets like Trudeau will screw him and Poland over:

Poland’s president says he hopes Canada will increase its military presence in his country in order to help deter Russian aggression.

In an interview with CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, Andrzej Duda said it is “beyond any doubt” that Russia has an “expansionist, imperial policy,” and he would like to see Canada increase its military personnel and equipment in Poland.

Western allies are considering sending about 4,000 additional troops to the Baltic states and Poland on a rotational basis. The move is being worked out ahead of a NATO conference in July, which Duda is hosting in Warsaw.

Asked if this number of troops would satisfy Poland’s concern about Russian aggression, Duda said he would like to see more.

“This is a big group of soldiers,” he said through a translator, adding, “I would like them to be joined by soldiers from other NATO member states … also by Canadian soldiers.”

Canada has 220 troops stationed in Europe as part of NATO’s Operation Reassurance. They are due to come home at the end of June. Duda is touring NATO member states to lobby for the troop increase ahead of the July summit.