Polish President Wants Canadian Troops to Deter Russian Expansionism

I find it adorable that the Polish president thinks that he is talking to a real leader like Harper. He will find out shortly that, like his predecessors, world leaders and puppets like Trudeau will screw him and Poland over:

Poland’s president says he hopes Canada will increase its military presence in his country in order to help deter Russian aggression.

In an interview with CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, Andrzej Duda said it is “beyond any doubt” that Russia has an “expansionist, imperial policy,” and he would like to see Canada increase its military personnel and equipment in Poland.

Western allies are considering sending about 4,000 additional troops to the Baltic states and Poland on a rotational basis. The move is being worked out ahead of a NATO conference in July, which Duda is hosting in Warsaw.

Asked if this number of troops would satisfy Poland’s concern about Russian aggression, Duda said he would like to see more.

“This is a big group of soldiers,” he said through a translator, adding, “I would like them to be joined by soldiers from other NATO member states … also by Canadian soldiers.”

Canada has 220 troops stationed in Europe as part of NATO’s Operation Reassurance. They are due to come home at the end of June. Duda is touring NATO member states to lobby for the troop increase ahead of the July summit.

  • Justin would make a very Good il Duce to someone’s Hitler, he’s just that kind of funny, though Mussolini was considerably less vain.

    • At some point, Poland will have to do things itself. It would be nice to have an ally, however.

      Canada is not that ally, not under Trudeau.

      • BillyHW

        Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and you all know it.

        • Polish women didn’t vote Trudeau in.

          Like they would vote that wiener in.

        • Miss Trixie


      • john700

        I think Poland’s military is larger than Canada’s

    • Brett_McS

      Mussolini was apparently a very smart man.

    • Will Quest

      Never mind Canadian Troops wanted to deter Russian expansionism in Poland.
      Putin’s got his eye on the arctic…. while JUST-IN proclaimed Canada the “first postnational state ”
      I suspect Putin is drooling at the prospect of stealing Canadian claims to the arctic from this FOOL, our sovereignty in the arctic is at peril while JUST-IN pursues vanity selfies. Putin will take all the marbles there while kicking snow in the snow-boarder’s face .
      Putin’s wet dreams…………he’s already planting Russian flags all over the Arctic ~!?!

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The US and NATO expansionism done since 1989 has been more blatant than the Russian expansionism with as far as I know only being in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Also, to me either you support Russia or you do not. Many are waffling on the right but Russia is not in the wrong. The US has gotten to big for its britches since 1989.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Also Trump’s wanting a better relationship with Russia and China does sound to me like improving relationships more than Obama and does sound a little bit like appeasement so it does seem like many have to get their facts straight instead of playing politics.

    • Putin will resume Soviet ambitions. He will attempt (and perhaps succeed) a takeover of Poland and the Baltic states (which Trudeau insists aren’t real things).

      A centrist would start up trade agreements with Poland, not attempt bloody takeovers reminiscent of the last bloody takeovers.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The real question is why has the United States in essence commanded the Germans to send troops and supplies to the Baltic states to gear up for a readiness of war with the Russians and is on a campaign to encircle Russia as accurately identified by the journalist named Eric Draitser who is a regular correspondent of RT and Press TV.

    Many in the anti-globalist movement and the peace movement see that the US dollar hegemony is near its end. It is too bad that the right never sees this or is too blind to see it!

    • El Martyachi

      Thanks for clearing that up. I’d been on the fence but if Eric Draitser, regular RT and Press TV correspondent, is on board.. well.. case closed.

    • And what do they say about Russian hegemony?

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        I am opposed to all imperialism but I do not believe we can fight Russia and / or China.

        I guess sanctions could work but when both sides believe they can win a war I worry for humanity.

        • I asked you about Russian hegemony.

          Russia acts with impunity. There are perfectly good ways to punish Russia and China which neither Trudeau nor Obama will take. when major superpowers do nothing about China and Russia, I worry about humanity.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            My question is what exactly does punish mean because punishing can take a whole host of forms. Does this mean boycotts, seizing assets and other measures?

            I think that word is a bit broad but I believe that you can do business with nations. The US started it with launching the coup with Ukraine.

            The fact is people of nations want to live in freedom and have peace and Russia has elections where they have a multi-party democracy. They are better ran than the American elections. The American elections have electronic rigging machines.

            I am sorry that you hate Trudeau and Obama but we cannot change their systems for them. It is a simple fact.

            I worry for humanity because both the US and Russia and China all have nuclear weapons and that is a legitimate fear. China has done nothing as far as I know besides wanting more control over the Pacific. Russia had elections in Crimea. What exactly do you have to be afraid of other than what I am afraid of which is nuclear war?

          • But you can punish the US?

            You simply don’t see what Russia and China are doing to themselves and the world right now.

          • Billy Bob Thornton

            Russia is fighting in Syria and to me the only real nation fighting IS or whatever they are. As far as I can tell, Russia can be isolated from the West but they will form their own alliances somewhere else. The oil that would have gone into Europe is having a detrimental impact on the EU economy.

            I would like all nations to do business but to me Putin is no dictator. He is looking after Russia in a smart way and is the architect that fixed Russia along with his party. To me, it is BRICS that is bothering the West.

          • Putin IS a dictator. Journalists and bloggers just don’t magically end up in jail. He lines his own pockets. Conservatives have to stop seeing him as some savior of the West. He is anything but that.

          • Minicapt

            Suicide … just do it!


  • Billy Bob Thornton
    • Norman_In_New_York

      Press TV – the last bastion of unbiased, truthful journalism.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Most of the reason why I am for independent news channels is because I believe the mainstream is very much for defending the political elites which I do believe is obvious. I am a Canadian Action party supporter and member much like the Progressive Canadian party and the United Party of Canada. I just think that legitimate terrorism should be fought and not these concocted boogeymen.

        For me the nation should be protected above all else, and there should be no pre-emptive war. Defending the nation and reduction to immigration should occur and that is why I joined the Canadian Action party last year. It was an easy choice and I believe that civic nationalism can fix immigration, reduce immigration and end war and defend the nation all without ethnic nationalism. Civic nationalism is the solution to all of our problems.

        Many on here may not remember David Orchard who ran under the PC banner in 2003 but I supported his policies and hoped he would have won. I think Canada needs an economic nationalist platform for Canadians. By combining centrist conservative policies and economic nationalist agendae all issues can be dealt with for Canada and an anti-war platform much like Trump who wants better relations with Russia and China.

        People may not remember this from Canada but the National Party of Canada in the 1993 election did pretty well for a party slightly smaller than Reform and the Bloc Quebecois. The National Party folded in 1997 and became the Canadian Action party which has been around from 1997 to now.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          Press TV is not independent. It is the propaganda arm of the ayatollahs. Anyone who relies on it for accurate news is a fool.

          • tom_billesley

            … or a tool.

        • Minicapt

          And the Russians will cooperate by providing a target-rich tactical operating environment.


  • Minicapt
  • tom_billesley

    Trudeau will expedite troop deployment, by pre-positioning parkas.

  • John

    The Poles would be much better off if they refused to allow Poland to be used as NATO’s beach head in the region. Were Poland to allow western nukes on its soil, the Russians would view that as an aggression, as almost a declaration of war, and would react accordingly.

    The Poles fought the Turks and won. The Russians fought the Turks and won. So what if Poland’s request for NATO troops, in an attempt at self-defense, saw the introduction of Turkish NATO troops on Poland’s soil? That Turkish presence would help grease the the flow of 1,000s of Muslim invaders. I don’t think the Poles know exactly who their enemies are.

    Europe, Russia AND China all have one mortal enemy in common…Islam, and so all three should be co-operating to to push it back.

    • Russia views anything as aggression.

      Poland is fighting both the Islamic and Russian fronts. It will wear itself out.

  • Clausewitz

    What troops? Junior’s in charge now, and all he will allow is limp wristed peace keeping missions.