Video – Stockholm: Two armed Arabs rob mall jewelery store in broad Daylight – And Nobody cares!

Two armed Arabs robbed the Jewellery Store “Klockmaster’ in Kista Galleria, a shopping mall in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden around 10 AM on the 13th of May, Friday 2016. There seem to be little to no intervention by anybody, except one Swede who decided to take out his cellphone and film the event. Despite numerous opportunities, such as the gun jam during attempted warning shots, the store owner was unable to defend himself as guns for self defense are strictly outlawed, even for law-abiding for citizens.

Instead of intervening or at the very least contacting police, passer-byes ignored the event like it would be everyday life. If Sweden continues its attitude of allowing unlimited amounts of criminal, young, male Muslim immigrants into the country while keeping their head down when reality shatters their multicultural wonderworld, it might very well become normality in Sweden.

Police arrived too late to the scene, but the robbers were caught later during at stop at MacDonald’s.

h/t JBR