Jihadists in White Coats

In his 2008 book Jihad and American Medicine, Dr. Adam Frederic Dorin considers what “thinking like a terrorist” would entail in terms of attacks on our healthcare system. According to the blurb “Dr. Dorin’s unique book offers the first in-depth exposé and loud alert to the risks and gaping weak spots in our healthcare system.” Dr. Dorin asks “[i]sn’t it odd that in our post-9/11 world we should choose to ignore facts that implicate the extremely lax degree of security in American medical institutions? Do we really believe that our suppression of reality — and our state of indifference — will protect us from attack against relatively helpless victims in hospitals, surgery centers, and other health care facilities?” Dr. Dorin asserts that the title of his book was “chosen carefully, because the battle waged by extremists (who would like nothing better than to lay ruin to our freedoms) is moving our way. It is only a matter of time before our homeland is struck again; it is only a matter of time before American medical facilities are targeted.”