Is Canada Justified in Giving the Saudis Weapons?

I know you mean well, Conrad Black, but giving the Saudis weapons is not the right thing to do:

Now is the time for Canada to end the role of foreign affairs as a substitute for theology and psychiatry, and to see it as it should be: the means of projecting this country’s interests and influence as a benign policy force in the world. Those who strongly favour the LAV contract, including me, emphasize that the manufacturer is a branch-plant of an American company which would decamp elsewhere if this deal is revoked, creating thousands of skilled, durably unemployed Canadians. The Saudis would buy similar vehicles from other suppliers. Canada would then be mocked in the world as a flaky, inconstant, self-righteous, and light-weight country with no vocation to measure the balance between its interests and moral influence in the world. Further, we would be seen, correctly, as subordinating our economic and strategic interest to a moralistic encouragement of a more liberal Saudi state, something we cannot achieve. This view exaggerates and misjudges our moral interest at the expense of the practical interests of Canada and the West.

  • Only justified if a full blown civil war breaks out in the ME engulfing all the Muslim terror states, Sunni and Shia in a death match, during which we should sell to both sides.

    • In that case, let the Saudis defend themselves.

      • I agree, we stay out of it, but give both sides weapons as needed to prolong the war;)

        • Nope.

          Not even the rope to hang themselves.

          Besides, we will need all the firepower we can get when the victor gets all testy with us.

  • Ho Hum

    As long as the U.S. and other NATO countries are supplying arms to Saudi Arabia I don’t see why Canada shouldn’t be getting in on this business. The Canadian government cannot stop the sale. The supplier is General Dynamics – an American company – they will just move production south of the border and London Ontario’s largest employer will be shut down for good.

    • The whole thing is disgusting. It’s propping up an ISIS-like and untrustworthy state instead of letting it be destroyed as it ought to be.

      It’s immoral and impractical.

    • Minicapt

      Actually, the production of the LAV and its siblings is based in London. General Dynamics does not have an alternate production plant for the vehicle. Secondly, the IP for the LAV is largely owned by DND, which made the first Piranha purchase in 1979, and has sponsored the continued development of the vehicle family.


  • Ford Prefect


  • Norman_In_New_York

    In principle, no. To stalemate Iran under the present regime, yes if needed.

  • dave

    Why the hell should sand apes get weapons when law abiding citizens are getting more and more restrictions on what we can own or possess.
    Douche bags!

  • simus1

    The left has very peculiar criteria when it comes to virtue signaling and arms sales.
    Doing the opposite of what they demand usually works well.