BDS: Squeezing Palestinians to Hurt Israel

At the core of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) is economic warfare meant to delegitimize and marginalize Israel. But the fatal fallacy of the movement is rooted in the fact that its proponents are hurting the very constituency they claim to represent.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Not only Congress, but state legislatures have enacted anti-BDS laws.

  • The only thing that crosses my mind when I see that young woman holding the sign is, would I have the cojones to do that? As a man, would I be willing to take that risk?

    In spite of all the criticism that many of us old farts have, there are young people who are willing to stand up — and young women who put us to shame.

    • Shebel

      That is true.

      Except she ain’t young .
      There are not very many young people that think Conservative.

      That is a fact.

      • Actually I ain’t that old either (at least that’s what I try to tell myself when I look in the mirror before I do not shave every morning).

  • Shebel

    That Lady stands ALONE— because nobody knows what her message is–
    And if they did know— they would NOT believe it.
    Propaganda Works.

  • Alain

    Those pushing BDS do not care about the constituency they claim to represent; that is just a cover for their profound anti-Semitism. It is the same with liberals claiming they are fighting for the homeless and the poor, which they are simply using the homeless and poor to leech a bigger part of the gravy train. You will find the same with the so-called environmentalists.