Wynne gives Muslims preferential treatment – offering sanitized Sex-Ed curriculum

Like nobody saw this coming…

Toronto school offers sanitized sex-ed amid parent concern

“…Crane said a number of parents kept their Grade 3s home after being informed of lessons on health relationships and “visible and invisible differences,” which can include discussions about same-sex families.

“Unfortunately with that one … we had about 25 per cent of Grade 3s not show up that day for that lesson because there is still this residual fear that this was the grade where they were going to learn all about homosexuality and gender identity … it was disappointing that people would choose not to send their children to school that day.”

He said while the curriculum cites homosexuality as an example, it’s not mandatory and only mentioned if children bring it up.”

h/t MP

  • Exile1981

    It’s ok muslims already learn about grooming children and baachi boys from the koran.

  • ontario john

    I hope this doesn’t put a damper on June’s Homosexual Sex month celebrations in Ontario.

    • Damn!

    • moraywatson

      Not to worry, the totalitarian-supremacist 5th storey gay tossing event is still a go !

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      God forbid someone would bomb the pride parade.

  • More evidence that the sex-ed curriculum has nothing to do with “Gay rights” (btw, it is legal to be homosexual in Canada and always has been at least in my lifetime — gays have always had the right to be gay).

    Evidence that it is in fact designed to specifically target Christians, conservatives, libertarians, traditional families, et al, and create as much resentment and conflict between Muslims and everybody else by giving the former preferential treatment.

    It’s a classic Communist tactic which was used in the former Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc. in order to “divide and conquer” religious people for the purpose of eliminating or controlling religion entirely (usually the Communists attempted to use Catholics against Protestants or vice versa, until both groups got wise to the tactic).

    Islam especially lends itself to the tactic because it is already a supremacist ideology — Muslims have no objections to being treated preferentially at the cost other groups losing their religious freedoms. My hypothesis has always been that the Commie Left would use militant Islam as the State’s “enforcement” arm to eliminate religious freedom. And free speech and a bunch of other stuff.

    • mauser 98

      sex-ed curriculum is a homosexual recruitment drive.. from the get go, day 1
      through out the Western world

      • That too (NAMBLA is clapping its hands). But more than that it’s political — fits perfectly within the Marxist “victim-group” worldview but with much broader implications. Many victim-groups (not just the “working class”) — everything from the climate, to sexual activity, to economics. I shudder to think of the outcome if the Left succeeds — it will make Soviet and Nazi totalitarianism look like child’s play.

        • mauser 98

          yes… they are attacking on 50 fronts.. wearing us down..it is working.. when will the Wynne nightmare end?

          Chairman Mao: 3 steps forward , 2 steps back

          • The infamous “dialectical march”. Designed to give the illusion that the dictatorial process is in retreat from time to time, when in fact it is always moving forward (3 – 2 = 1!).

            When will it end? All I can suggest is don’t register your firearms.

          • mauser 98

            never did …even for Johnny Cruton & Alan Rockhead

          • I’ve never owned one — never had a reason to. Now I have a reason to.

          • mauser 98

            the new cheap ones are made in China or God knows where… ….better than nothing
            many US brands have parts built overseas assembled in US


          • Thanks.

            When I lived in Latin America I was offered an AK-47 for $50 (U.S.). I stupidly turned it down because I couldn’t bring it back to Canada — I could kick myself now because I could have easily left it there with a friend. It was the end of the civil war and I never foresaw being in a situation like that again — everybody thought that Communism died and went to “socialist heaven” back in the ’80’s!

          • mauser 98

            “could have” is my middle name

  • Gary

    At least Wynne admit that islam produces far too many followers that are predisposed to riots and jihad slaughters to the point that she and McLiar allowed that jew-hating , homophobic , child-bride friendly Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school ( btw, Popeyes chicken in Canada is halal and one of the outlets is on Overlea Blvd in Thorncliff Parkistan where that school mosque is ) .
    The TDSB and Barbara Hall approved it too because they also want to keep their heads. As long as the Liberals can have their wealthy white neighbourhoods away from the unwashed and immigrant peons…. they will think that Canada is still the nation of the 1960’s with safe streets and almost everyone obeying the laws and don’t see Welfare as a Lifestyle choice.

    Even the Ahmadi’s North of Toronto in Maple got the Public school to make the Gym into a Mosque on Friday because they were the majority. Too bad they don’t think that way for Canada as a majority Christian nation with Rights.
    I wonder is Wynne and Trudeau are really saying that you can have Special Rights if you resort to Terrorism as to be know for strapping bombs to your children and women along with tossing gays from roof tops and flogging or beating women in public.
    How sad that expecting Muslim to rise up to our moral codes means that we must Tolerate their barbarism as not being fully human yet while stuck in the 11th Century .

    Justin’s Sunni Ways .

    • JoKeR

      You don’t want to offend them, Liberals that is!

  • New Centurion

    Big Burka = 1, Big Gay = 0

  • marty_p

    I listened to NewsTalk 1010 in Toronto today where the issue was discussed . The talking heads were better at dancing than the folks on Dancing with the Stars. At no time was the word Muslim or Islam mentioned. Rather the discussion revolved around a group of “protesting parents” and nobody on the radio was honourable enough to call it what it is i.e. pandering to Mo’s.

    Why not simply tell the Grade One kids … “you have a pee pee” except the little Muslimas where your mommy had your pee pee parts cut off.

  • Shebel

    Kathleen—-I don’t even want my Grandkids to have any knowledge about your preferred lifestyle until they learn about your agenda.
    Perhaps you could inform the Parents.