Venezuela: Countless Wounded after 5,000 Loot Supermarket

At Least Two Dead in Maracay following Rumors of Hard-to-Find Products

  • The Butterfly

    You’re definitely going to feel that Bern in the morning.

  • April, 2009. Hugo Chávez gifts the book “The Open Veins of Latin America” to newly-elected Barack Obama — a Marxist-Leninist history denouncing U.S. imperialism. Shortly after that Obama made his first major foreign policy decision: He supported the Venezuelan-backed pro-Chavista Marxist dictator Mel Zelaya in Honduras. The impoverished little country of Honduras took years to recover from that awful U.S. policy decision (if they ever recovered).

  • jack burns

    Look for the first Venezuelan “migrants” to show up at the Rio Grande in about a month. Standing room only.

    • The Cubans are apparently stuck at the Panama border in refugee camps — no other countries will receive them. The Venezuelans may have a similar experience — refugees from communism always have a tougher time than anyone else.