Now The Summer of “America” Is Coming And It Has an Official Beer

Budweiser Beer is Re-branding Itself as "America"

Budweiser Beer is Re-branding Itself as “America” until November 2016

Budweiser announced that it is making a drastic change to its signature beer labels this summer, renaming its lager “America” and replacing most of its branding with patriotic mottoes.

Budweiser is taking the route of an absurd, or ingenious, marketing campaign this summer by swapping its name from “Budweiser” to “America”.

Designed in partnership with the Jones Knowles Ritchie New York ad agency, Budweiser’s new look is the focal point for its summer campaign, “America is in Your Hands“.

Beyond the patriotic name change, the company is also covering its new packaging with nods to the founding of the United States. Stateside, the brewing giant owns six of America’s 10 best-selling beers: Bud Light, Budweiser (soon to be America), Michelob Ultra Light, Natural Light, Busch Light, and Busch.

Well now, those frat bros – and you – can literally get drunk on America.

“All Budweiser served in the brewed in the USA”, said the Anheuser-Busch spokesman.