It’s official. Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have made Ontario’s economy as pathetic as the Maple Leafs

Kathleen Wynne’s grand economic scheme consists mostly of expanding the reach of the public sector, raising taxes and hydro rates, and bribing firms to tolerate the quagmire…

  • mauser 98

    listened to CFRB 1010 today for 3 hours or so re Wynne sex ed
    preferential treatment .
    “muslim” not mentioned once , not hosts or callers

    • Well they do screen callers. That is typical of CFRB, just a load of Liberal BS.

  • What is worse is that people voted for her and will do so again.

    It is there that one must take the fight.

  • Waffle

    “Taxes and electricity rates seem to be driving investment out of Ontario”

    Doh!!! When did you stop beating your wife, Phillip?

    Ontario has always been blessed with an abundance of natural resources and favourable geography on the North American continent, so I guess it you could say its natural wealth has made it ripe for the picking. Thus corruption has always existed. In the past, the bien peasants were screwed by people who had a bit of class — they belonged to the “right” families, went to the “right” schools, lived in the “right” neighbourhoods. There were “rules” — if you wanted to get ahead you played by them. People’s sex lives were more-or-less private. We knew who was gay and who was straight. We just didn’t talk about it.

    Well, I guess the 60s changed everything — you know sex, drugs and rock’n roll. The rules got tossed out the window. “Right” became scorned as a hypocritical, elitist conceit.

    Today we are governed by those at the bottom of the barrel — the bold and the shameless — gays who should have stayed in the closet, if for no other reason that they are so g-d ugly and unattractive. By those who have so little respect for us and themselves they garb themselves in ill-fitting out-of-date polyester shmattes. By those who are barely literate even though they were born and raised here!!

    And it’s only taken about 50 years to reach this stage. Amazing, isn’t it? We puzzle over how ancient societies, like Machu Picchu, for instance, died in the midst of their wealth. I think we know the answer.

  • ontario john

    Well, at least she made June the official month long celebration of homosexual sex. That should make everyone in Toronto happy.