Brexit: The Movie

I’ve watched very little of it, but David Thompson wouldn’t steer us wrong.

  • Looks good.

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  • Linda1000

    I want to see the demise of that evil EU cabal. Maybe Putin could “fix” them? Hope Britain votes to leave.

  • Linda1000

    This is a very good documentary. I watched the whole thing but will have to watch it again as it had lots of detail and I really have to listen carefully to Brit accents.

    • H

      Yes, I had trouble understanding the accents at times as well. Before watching this documentary, I had had a negative view of the EU but now …. That such an outrageously unfair concentration of unaccountable greed and power could exist in “modern” Europe is extremely disturbing.

      What’s also clear to me after watching this is that if the UK is to have any chance of succeeding as a nation, it must exit the EU. This is the single most important event for them since WWII.

      • Justin St.Denis

        The EU is essentially Hitler’s dream made real.

  • Shebel

    On a small scale— amalgamating of our Cities is a microcosm of the EU.
    Ottawa used to be 5 Cities – I think. They all operated relatively efficiently.

    You could get a building permit within 2 weeks. Now it can take a Year.

    The whole concept was sold to the people as saving money and therefore reducing taxes. It makes sense. Instead of paying for 5 City Mayors you now just have one.

    What really happens is that when 5 Cities have one Mayor–he can’t handle it. He can’t make any decisions because what was good for the East End might be bad for the West End. Now the Mayor must hire in Consultants at great expense and time. Nobody dares to make a decision and nobody has the Power to make a decision.

    It is just a mass of bloody red tape– and totally inefficient.

    This is just a simple little City of less than a million people.

    Now think of the European Union. . What fucking MESS.

    Different Cultures ,languages and Religions.

    It a bad joke that should be killed.

  • Jim Horne

    I watched the whole film. It is a compelling and thought provoking presentation.

    The segment about Switzerland, a european country that is not a member of the European Union, was excellent. I recommend it. It starts at the 50:54 mark and continues to the 57:25 mark.

    • Daviddowntown

      I did not realize how wealthy the Swiss are. The average wage of 67,000 pounds is incredible.