Yazidi Girl Exposes ISIS Rape Hellhole

A new televised interview, conducted in Arabic with a Yazidi girl who endured sexual captivity at the hands of the Islamic State, was published on March 22, 2016. It appeared on “Shabaab [Youth] Talk,” hosted by Ja’far Abdul.

Birvan escaped Muslim sex slave

  • Alain

    At the risk of sounding like someone completely heartless, I still must ask what exactly are we supposed to do with this information. I ask because our government clearly doesn’t care, otherwise we would have a least one politician of some political party calling for a ban on Muslims entering Canada. I also ask because most certainly none of our “feminists” really give a shit. Yes, it is horrible and ugly, but that is the result of Islam married up with tribalism.

    • Valid points. That ass in Ottawa is as stupid as they come.

    • eMan14

      We can use that information to shove it in the faces of those people who should care. But don’t. I feel for that girl. But as you say… not much we can do.

    • Hktony

      I use it to tell people willing or not willing to listen these stories. Show them how heartless feminists are. How weak and corrupt is our poltical system. Keep banging it out! Some will hear!!!!

    • It seems to me that it would be a useful move, as well as a pleasure, to wipe ISIS off the map. I would personally do it to avenge the antiquities they’ve destroyed if nothing else. By which I mean, given the chance, I would personally pull the trigger.

      The Middle East will always be a hopeless toilet, and Arab Muslims will always blame us for their problems. Whatever. If ISIS was destroyed, at least there wouldn’t be an immediate excuse for this “Syrian” “refugee” business.

      They’d find another, true. If mutti Merkel calls them, they will come.

  • V10_Rob

    Nothing to see here, it’s not the patriarchy of white males, so it doesn’t count. It’s just the vibrancy of other cultures and we have no right to judge it.