Pakistan: Our People Carried Out Mumbai Attacks

Those would be the terror attacks which killed well over a 100 people in India, among them 6 Americans. In the Nariman House attack, a Rabbi from the US and his wife were brutally murdered. And now in the world’s least surprising revelation, ISI did it.

  • The Butterfly

    Why hasn’t India nuked them yet? Or Israel for that matter?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    We talk about cutting the Saudis off at the knees, but not as much as the Pakistanis, and I think the Pakis are far more dangerous.

    • The Butterfly

      And odorous.

    • Gary

      The UN lists 7 Nations as a Terrorist produce nation of which canada still take in Immigrant from 5 of them and it include Pakistan.
      The Toronto-18 muslim terrorists were of pakistani back ground while the ring leader was a refugee from Afghanistan .
      The CBC and STAR failed to point that out because it was Chretien that sent troops to Afghanistan for which these grateful muslims plotted to slaughter 5000+ people in Toronto via truck-bombs.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Moderate frienemy Pakistan? I can’t believe it! I won’t believe it! /sarc

  • Brenda
  • Alain

    Let’s see. I think Pakistan is one of our so-called allies like Saudi Arabia in the fight against Muslim terrorism. Why exactly is this so?

  • John

    And Pakistan is signing a lot of deals with China htese days and yet we still consider the place an ally.