Liberals’ electoral reform scheme that seemed so bold during campaign falling flat on arrival

The Trudeau government’s sweeping plan for electoral reform, which struck just the right note of idealistic boldness on the campaign trail, is dead on arrival. The Liberals are now trapped in a classic pincer of their own making — damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Conservative strategists have been handed a gift that will keep on giving, possibly for years to come.

Here’s the top line: it is impossible, not to mention contradictory and hypocritical, to sell a program of democratic renewal that is not itself democratic.

  • Exile1981

    What ever system they come up with is going to be designed to skew seats to the liberals.

    • That’s not speculation it’s fact. It was demonstrated eloquently by a Huffpost commentator on a CBC panel last night (she was the only commentator who actually did homework on the subject and could show a statistical graph on precisely how The Lib’s plan works — it would take dozens of seats away from the Cons and the NDP and give them all to the Libs, in accordance with current voting demographics).

      BTW, as the Huffpost commentator demonstrated the new system the Libs are proposing is called “Preferential” Representation (not “Proportional” Representation the latter of which would actually give more seats to the Cons and NDP and less to the Libs). Preferential Representation is so skewed to the Libs it’s jaw dropping — we’re talking about at least 50 seats.

  • ontario john

    And it seems the Imperial household of Prince Justin doesn’t have enough staff. Trudeau’s Empress is demanding more personal staff so she can spread her wisdom and songs all over Canada. And his Imperial Majesty is featured in upcoming tourism ads, even though he ranted about government ads being used for political purposes during the election. It’s a good thing everyone in Canada loves him.

  • kkruger71

    Even if first past the post if fundamentally flawed it is the system we are, or at least should be, stuck with. There is no way to change it that all parties would agree on as every system possible benefits one party over another.
    That said, I could see the Liberals and NDP agreeing to system the screws Conservatives, most likely ranked ballots, and in these hyper-partisan times I could see the majority of the public supporting it. Sad that, even 10 years ago I think enough people on the left would have denounced a move like this to keep it from happening. The media and pop culture creators have hit the tipping point in getting people on the left to believe those that disagree with them are not just wrong, but evil, allowing for these “by any means necessary” tactics.

  • Maybe Why

    The preferential ballot will be great because it will ensure only Liberals can be the government forever!

    Since people who vote NDP, if they make a second choice, will likely choose the Liberal or Green Party and are extremely unlikely to support the Conservatives.

    Likewise people who vote Conservative, if they make a second choice, will likely choose the Liberal and not the NDP or Greens.

    And Liberal voters would be split between left and right on the second choice.

    So this should guarantee only Liberal governments from now on. What a strategic move!

  • Exile1981

    The biggest flaw in the European proportional system is that MP’s would not be responsible to a specific group of voters. It tends to create politicians even more divorced from the consequences of their actions.

  • simus1

    The PropRep electoral reform scam is a tried and true Euro formula for constant instability and massive corruption.
    It seems counter intuitive to expect that all politicians in Canada will not find it very much to their liking.

  • Dave

    “Conservative strategists have been handed a gift that will keep on giving, possibly for years to come.” And they will fuck that up too.
    How about some honest people with some actual common sense and integrity in politics. I know, I can always dream.