HALF of refugees claiming to be children in Austria are adults… and many even arrive with ‘grey hair and beards’

Half of all migrants claiming to be children are lying, according to Austrian officials who say the ‘juveniles’ are sometimes in their 30s and have grey hair and beards.

The unnamed official told Austrian journalists: ‘It is completely absurd. We have men turning up here with full beards and grey hair claiming to be children.’

Austrian officials said that of 2,200 asylum seekers claiming to be children, 951 were found to be considerably older following medical tests.

  • Schuyler7

    Aw, c’mon.. we have already established that the ‘arabs’ reach puberty upon exiting the womb and menopause as a toddler..therefore, it only stands to reason that they would have gray hair and beards by their teens. – Have ‘we’ not learned anything from Al Gore’s extensive research into ‘Global Warming’ and it’s affects on dry desert air when moon beams are passing through unseasonably low cumulonimbus cloud formations? – j. schuyler montague @ sharia unveiled – https://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/

    • It is weird, isn’t it? I mean, Aisha was a mature woman at nine years of age, yet these guys are underage at 40. Clearly Muslims have a different and superior way of understanding chronology.

  • Dana Garcia

    Kiddies get more free stuff. Of course lyin Muz will claim to be children.

    • Alain

      More important they get free access to real children.

      • Dana Garcia

        That too.

  • The Butterfly

    Our political and religious leaders are all lying to us.

  • Waffle

    When right is wrong and wrong is right, who the hell are we to say, that mature men are not children? BTW, in case anyone was wondering, I’m a sweet, loving puddy tat trapped in an old woman’s body. Sheer hell.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    So, as a human, I just can’t find it in myself to put up boundaries? And say another can’t like uh you know Be what You know? …
    Third year Sociology Student