Continental Breakfast, German Style

continental breakfast buffet germany

Guess What is the Next Group to Claim Oppression?

Danny Glover rallies ethnic studies hunger strikers

ESPN the Leader in Push for Lefty Sports Media Change

Hillary Clinton Wants To Cap Child Care Costs

Get ready for a ‘transgender’ roommate, college co-eds!

Canadian government wants to force automakers to recall cars

Germany Doubles # Of ‘Migrants’ Suspected Of Being Terrorists

New PAC asks white men not to run

Morgan Freeman: Hillary Clinton Will Stand For ‘Racial Justice’

Hindus ask gods to help Trump save humanity from terrorism

Trump surges in support, almost even with Clinton

Report: “Homegrown Violent” Jihadis Planting Roots Across U.S.

All Muslim Terrorists are Crazy: Same Old Excuse

Dating Website Offers Help For Liberals ‘Offended’ By Trump

Final Sexual Assault Charge Withdrawn Against Jian Ghomeshi

Obama Cabinet Member Too Conservative to Speak at Georgetown

Raccoon cuts power to 39,000 after breaking into substation

UCLA students threatened for claiming ‘there are only two genders’

Latest Lefty Complaint: Bud Using the Word ‘America’

‘Race Riot’ Breaks Out In ‘Most Diverse District in Nation’mouse

  • Brett_McS
    • BillyHW

      So proud of Poland.

    • simus1

      Excellent news from Poland. The new government should also expel all known members of Greenpeace and annul their shakedown contracts folded into union dues checkoffs, etc

      • mauser 98

        newest coal powered generators are very clean.
        safe , reliable ,very economical

        we are being raped and robbed

    • Poland Says No to Importing “Refugees,” Rejects EU Threat Of $1.1 B Fine

    • Reader

      I can’t see this happening right now in Germany, with Merkel being the single biggest source of wind in that country.

    • Exile1981

      good for them wind power is only useful if you have power storage way more efficient than anything mankind has developped.

  • Reader

    I wonder what will happen the day a man with a long criminal history of violence against women, demands space in a women’s shelter claiming to be transgender and now a woman?

    On which side will the radical feminist groups be?

    • simus1

      That will be decided by marxists several levels above those tasked with getting their front groups / livestock out to street demos.