But dependents don’t ask for responsible government

I get so frustrated with my mail from conservative sources. For example, this from Rebel Media’s Sheila Gunn Reid:

On Tuesday, May 3rd, a massive forest fire entered Fort McMurray, and the entire city was evacuated. …

[A]s the entire province was mobilizing — every firefighter, every RCMP officer, everyone with a plane, helicopter or just a spare can of gas — Rachel Notley [socialist premier] went to at party at an Edmonton bar.

You see, May 5th was the one-year anniversary of the NDP’s election victory. So Rachel Notley put aside everything less important, to go to a party with her NDP friends.

Decisions about fire-fighting and relief efforts would just have to wait. Because Notley chose to spend the night celebrating herself instead.

Proof is offered. But so?

Isn’t it becoming dangerous to act like we don’t all know?: The people who voted for Notley want, for the most part, to be just like her.

They possibly don’t want to help either They are looking for someone to blame, and for a trauma allowance.

Her indifference is just proof of how fabulous she is.

Again, from Gunn Reid:

P.S. Notley didn’t even try to hide the fact that she was partying. It was a public bar — the bar even boasted about her attendance. Don’t you think it’s odd that no other media have reported this scandal? Forward this e-mail to your friends — because they’ll certainly not hear about it on the CBC.

The other, government-friendly, media know who the growing dependent class is and they understand its needs.  Burn, baby, burn.

Unless, of course, Albertans decide to forswear every aspect of progressive government of every kind.

Alberta readers: Did Notley’s behaviour really make much difference to anyone in Alberta? Who? Why? What do they plan to do about it?


  • Albertans had best hope Notley was a fluke and not the shape of things to come.

  • Exile1981

    So she partied, she was celebrating the destruction of the city that is the beacon of the oil sands and the start of her 2nd year as dictator of Alberta. Of course she would party, besides it’s better that she was in a bar rather than up in Fort Mac.

    If she had gone to Ft.Mac she would have been in the way and prevented real citizens from doing their jobs. At the bar the worst that happened was a few NDP groupies had embarrassing accidents when she talked to them and all those years of pent up sexual tension from living in moms basement was released.

  • ntt1

    Keep her in the bar ,it can’t hurt and her galumphing into harms way to perform some token fire fighting theatre while immaculately coifed would cause more despondantcy than if she got puking drunk on Maiti s or some other progressive umbrella drink.

  • Ford Prefect

    Rachel Nutley I did not miss spell that is what spellcheck corrected it to so I left it. Look Bimbo up and it will say see her. I have lived in Alberta most my life I was born here and most of my career was spent in the energy sector. Too watch these school teachers, social workers and union lawyers screw up what we built with blood and treasure pisses me off.

    This fire proves the point.
    Just weeks before they were mocking the opposition because they said it was stupid to cut they fire fighting budget and how they were fear mongering. You want to see fear you should have seen that scrunts face when she gave the news conference were she had to read every word she was scared to death because nothing says under achiever like union lawyer and she has zero life skills for this.

    The only thing that is saving their spotty behinds is the fact the oil industry – which they hate – the miserable bags of puke – are there and can get things done.

    The NDP hate Alberta and the party is just one of the proofs. They actively bring in legislation to cripple it and the karma of all this is they will have to rebuild that which they wanted to destroy. A pox on all of their houses forever.
    Sorry about the long rant.

    • Linda1000

      And to top things off, the fluffy hair from Ottawa arrives tomorrow to tell us en francais how his gov’t. will provide unconditional love and support to Alberta and take another selfie picture. Maybe a grizzly will eat him and his Friday the 13th horror movie show entourage. If he really wanted to be helpful, he could order Quebec to let our Eastern pipeline to go through la belle province. Fat chance.

      • Ford Prefect

        I have seen things lying on their backs on the bottom of ponds that have a higher IQ then Justin. I find it staggering that this country voted this lisp as Leader. Like Nutley he despises Alberta his words his actions. He will never let the pipelines across Canada our only hope is for Trump to win and we run the pipeline to Montana and then we do not have to get other provinces permission. Until then there will not be any pipelines running out of Alberta as long as Liberals are in power.
        Speaking of Trump it will be great watching him slap Trudeau around. The enemy on my enemy is my friend.

  • Frances

    I tend to agree the rant was overdone – wouldn’t expect anything else from the NDP. They could, however, have turned the fete into a mini-fundraiser for Fort Mac. Attended a funeral the same day, and among the prayers was one offered for Fort Mac, its residents, and the firefighters.

    • No, that would create the wrong impression. They should attend grievance lobby meetings in the name of Fort Mac, and give disgruntled SJWs large taxpayer grants.