Bob Geldoff is a washed up virtue signaler…

Bob Geldof criticizes Trudeau’s aid target, says Canada can do better

Try looking after your children for a change Bobby.

  • BillyHW


    And foreign aid is a big scam.

  • huron

    is his kid named Monday?

    • roccolore

      If it were, he wouldn’t like Monday.

  • mauser 98

    and Bono … both global warming tax dodgers

  • Justin St.Denis

    This old, drug-addled fool needs to be ignored.

  • He’s a music guy (and by the looks of it a heroin addict) — that means he’s qualified as a foreign aid expert.

    Why don’t we just let Hollywood run government and quit pussyfooting around? Bono as President of the U.S., Geldof as Chief Economist, Kim Kardashian as Secretary of Defense, Lady Gaga as Foreign Secretary, Rosie O’Donnell as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

  • Exile1981

    Who is this guy? Isn’t he the little guy that fell into the fires of mount doom?

    • k2

      Kind of looks like him – Time sure hasn’t been kind to that fellow (and as with Gollum, perhaps the kindest thing might be to put him out of his misery).

  • DD_Austin


    Activist = asshole

  • John

    Where was Sir Bob’s humanism when his wife died of an overdose, abandoned and alone.

    Or how about his daughter Peaches? she died of an overdose as well.

    Mr Jellybe Geldoff; a perfect stranger to good friends, and a good friend to perfect strangers

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Big benefit concert raises million$ for a starving African nation of 30 million and thirty years later they’re still starving only now there’s 90 million of the sad sacks…someone forgot to remind them to keep their peckers in their pants.

  • G

    He looks like Mr Magoo.
    Y’know if Mr. Magoo were a severe alcoholic.

  • Gary

    Maybe if Paul Martin didn’t hide his wealth off-shore we would have more tax dollars to help others.
    Can’t imagine how much money Chretien and Justin have hidden near the Equator on some island where nobody has a name if they are a tourist with suit cases of money.