When the White House Lies to the Media, and Laughs Doing It

What a surprise! It was revealed from the highest level that the Obama White House has been downright deceptive and had lied to the American public and media about the nuclear deal with Iran, as well as carrying on secret bilateral negotiations with Iran.

In spite of arguments by the Obama administration to the contrary, it has been clear from the beginning that the nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed on July 14, 2015, will not stop the Iranian effort to develop nuclear weapons.

  • Ed

    Hey! What happened to the fly on his nose?

  • G

    He died of nausea.

  • bob e

    everything is a big joke to these assholes .. charlie rose eh …
    no one will do anything. nothing

  • Liberal Progressive

    He’s the President. He is not a liar; He’s…………. just alternatively truthful.

  • David Smith

    That this has not caused widespread outrage amazes me.