Survey Reveals Aggressive Pro-Sharia Attitudes In Countries Providing Major Source of EU Migrants

A telephone survey of North Africans has found that they identify as Muslim first, citizens second, and that only 39 per cent of Egyptians condemn religious extremism.

  • Ed

    “islam” is a self esteem enhancing crutch used by chronically underachieving brown people. To that end, violence, while not supported by a majority, nonetheless serves the majority’s purpose, by giving a “don’t fuck with us” cachet to their identity.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So the question you have to ask yourself is “Are they fleeing sharia or spreading sharia?”

  • Islam brainwashes Muslims. The collective Islamic mindset is narrow, follows Islamic “theology”, and is controlled by fear of the unseen jihadi.

    Read (my thesis) “Islam is Fear” to understand how it works.

  • k1962

    And western governments ignore all of the red flags.

    • simus1

      Western politicians seem to have trouble grasping the concept that muslim migrants from muslim countries that are run like giant prisons have much in common with the mores of the career criminal product let out onto the streets from our own much less extensive western holding facilities.

      • k1962

        You’re right. We should be much more choosy about where immigrants come from.