Saudia Arabia and Iran: The Cold War of Islam

No previous US president had been made to suffer such an indignity when visiting America’s supposedly closest ally in the Arab world: When Barack Obama touched down at the airport in Riyadh in mid-April, King Salman opted to remain in his palace. The most powerful man in the world was received by the governor of Riyadh instead. There was no pomp or ceremonial reception and state-controlled television declined to broadcast the arrival. Obama seemed slightly at a loss on the tarmac before trying to cover up the affront with a broad smile.

  • The Castros actually did a similar thing to Obama in Cuba, but better orchestrated so B.O. wouldn’t notice. Although he made lots of hooplah with the International Press, the fact is once Obama left Cuban soil the Communist Party hit all the radio and tv broadcasts denouncing and insulting Obama. is a good resource for translated articles and reports from Latin America that often don’t see the light of day in North American and Western European media. The American Left seems to enjoy being deceived, whether by Islamists, Communists, fascists, anti-Semites, or whatever their “flavour of the day” pop dictator happens to be.

  • marty_p

    Turnabout is fair play – I remember a certain POTUS told Bibi Netanyahu to sit and wait while he went to eat dinner with his family.

  • Barrington Minge

    Anyone else have a problem with the Soddys and the Iranians going at it?