Not with a bang but a whimper… The Ghomeshi scandal’s sorry end

Christie Blatchford speculates that Ghomeshi’s second trial was scrapped for the same reason he walked from the first – witness credibility.

“The woman at the centre of the sexual assault charge that is expected to be dropped against Jian Ghomeshi Wednesday once cheerfully agreed with an interviewer that while she was working on the radio show Ghomeshi used to host she was “incredibly inappropriate, foul-mouthed and sexual” in the workplace.”

And who wouldn’t think twice before risking battle with Marie Henein’s stiletto heels?

As for the wimmins studies feminists calling for the upending of the oppressive patriarchy’s sexist notions of innocence and guilt, well that’s why Marie Henein earns the Big Bucks and why you… well you took wimmins studies.

Fight like a girl. Henein did.

Sailor Moon fight like a girl

  • They wanted a “star chambers” trial like the Human Rights Commissions, where evidence is irrelevant. I blame our female MP’s and elected reps for setting a bad example to the citizenry — they had a “star chambers” trial for a couple male Liberal MP’s who were accused by female NDP MP’s of “sexual abuse” last year. Everything was done in secret — only the names of the male accused were published, not their female accusers nor any facts surrounding the case. The male MP’s resigned and to this day nobody knows why.

    A very bad precedent for how “justice” should be effected in Canada, and especially despicable because our pussified male Legislators didn’t have the balls to speak out.

    • That is exactly what they wanted, it was straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Sad to think that generations of young women have been so toxically indoctrinated by feminist claptrap.

    • Keep in mind when the blanket term sexual assault was issued by Trudeau the First instead of specific charges, criminals got lesser sentences.

      Now this circus.

      The whole system is a farce.

  • Yo Mama

    This is all the CBC’s fault for not clearly outlining that this was the normal CBC interview procedure to get a CBC job or promotion.

    • El Martyachi

      CBC perpetuates a rape culture.

      • The CBC invented Rape Culture, I remember watching Don Messer’s Rape Culture Jubilee when I was a kid.

        • ntt1

          Very likely , I always wondered about Don Messer’s rather strained smile, My dad’s theory was that he had piles but who knows?

        • andycanuck

          As a child I preferred The Pig & Whistle & Rape, myself, although I did watch the German Music & Rape show too although I can’t recall its name right now.

        • mauser 98
  • Jaedo Drax

    Was justice served? No, and the only people to blame for that was the Crown, and how badly they fucked up these cases (and the Bryant case before, and the Holmolka case, etc).

    In this specific case, Henein is worth every penny she is getting paid (where that money is coming from is anyone’s guess).

    The question is now, can the Crown be fixed so that justice can be served, or will the just continue to fuck up high profile cases, and fuck over those in low profile cases.

    • mauser 98

      (where that money is coming from is anyone’s guess). ??

      Ghomeshi paycheque
      Ghomeshi will now sue for wrongfull dismissal ….$millions more pissed

      • Jaedo Drax

        He tried that already as a PR ploy, and then presumably one of his lawyers finally got the sense to tell him that he is covered by a union agreement, and his wrongful dismissal suit has suit chance of going anywhere, and it would be more helpful to him if he just went and took a bundle of money and set it on fire.

        • marty_p

          Howard Levitt the labour lawyer stated that fact on the radio the day Ghomeshi was fired.

    • WalterBannon

      The crown botched it on purpose because

      1. He had a muslim card

      2. He was a CBC elite

      3. He has an immigrant card

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Interesting theory.

    • Waffle

      Jaedo, “how can the Crown be fixed . . .”? Too late. Hansard is no longer reliable. Check out revised comments Chiarelli made about Horvath. We’re screwed.

      • I honestly don’t understand how stuff like that can happen — how can the Premiere have the authority, by dictum, to alter what was said on the record? Where are our jurists and legal experts? Crickets.

        Canada is more corrupt than communist Cuba — at least Cuba has an underground resistance! Canadians are cowards, no country in the Western Hemisphere is capable of the cowardice I have witnessed in my home and Native land. If it weren’t for the U.S., Canada would have become a Soviet satellite during the cold war.

  • Ghomeshi issued an apology.

    For what does one apologise if one did nothing?

    • He’s a pervert and he knows it. But his accusers are even worse perverts.

      • His accusers are no prizes themselves.

        Post-modern feminists have struggled to make women as vulgar and as irresponsible for men and this what they ended up with.

    • Jaedo Drax

      His lawyer immediately followed this up by saying that he didn’t do anything wrong, and he wasn’t admitting to anything, and now it’s time for everyone to move on.

      • You don’t apologise for things you did not do.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Is Lucy deC. gonna keep her job in the military?
        She’s clearly violated some ethical conduct policy that I know nothing about.

    • Brenda

      He did do something.
      It’s just that his accusers kept on seeing him afterwards, giving him handjobs and sending him bikini pictures, then claimed they did no such thing.

  • Ron MacDonald

    He’ll probably never work in the industry again and, should a broadcaster hire him, various victim’s groups would probably protest in front of the broadcaster’s location or start a writing campaign to advertisers demanding he be let go.

    • marty_p

      Pundits are predicting a book deal and maybe a movie of the week.

  • lolwut?

    Her name is Kathryn Borel

  • canminuteman

    Women should be a bit more picky about who they “date”.