Not with a bang but a whimper… The Ghomeshi scandal’s sorry end

Christie Blatchford speculates that Ghomeshi’s second trial was scrapped for the same reason he walked from the first – witness credibility.

“The woman at the centre of the sexual assault charge that is expected to be dropped against Jian Ghomeshi Wednesday once cheerfully agreed with an interviewer that while she was working on the radio show Ghomeshi used to host she was “incredibly inappropriate, foul-mouthed and sexual” in the workplace.”

And who wouldn’t think twice before risking battle with Marie Henein’s stiletto heels?

As for the wimmins studies feminists calling for the upending of the oppressive patriarchy’s sexist notions of innocence and guilt, well that’s why Marie Henein earns the Big Bucks and why you… well you took wimmins studies.

Fight like a girl. Henein did.

Sailor Moon fight like a girl